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A simple style and markup change…

The Client Side developer role has expanded - the skills our development team require.

The days have long gone where development is controlled, integrated and tightly coupled to the server technologies being used, and where the role of a client-side developer is a simple style and markup change on a template.

With the advent of agile teams, new development techniques, and the introduction of JavaScript frameworks that span client-side and server-side development, (Node.js, AngularJS, backbone.js, express.js, etc….) it means that the client-side developer role has expanded and requires a good knowledge, and understanding, of what are traditionally seen as server-side development techniques.

The most essential being:

  • Design patterns, specifically MVC
  • Creating and structuring APIs and web services, specifically RESTful services
  • Authentication, both session and token
  • Continuous build and integration, using yeoman, grunt, bower, node
  • Version control using GIT, SVN
  • Test automation and methodologies, TDD/BDD, using Karma, jasmine, cucumber frameworks

On top of these new skills we need to cope with most diverse, and fastest evolving technical environments, and integrate with UX and design disciplines to provide the interface when creating products to visualise the server data. To achieve this we need an understanding of responsive design, and the target platforms and devices, and some caveats along the way.

  • Modern legacy browsers – not just Microsoft Internet Explorer versions, but vendor specific implementation of the webkit browser used on the growing number of mobile devices
  • Emerging and deprecation of Web standards
  • Client-side development is really a visualization of server-side data

At ClearScore, our modern development team require that each discipline is involved when it comes to choosing and developing the technology stack, and takes pride in what is does best, with an appreciation and understanding of the each others discipline.


Client-side Developer


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