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Carphone Warehouse Data Breach Advice: Check your credit score for free now

With ClearScore, you can monitor your Equifax credit report for free.

This weekend, 2.4 million Carphone Warehouse customers received an alarming email informing them that their personal details may have been accessed in a cyber-attack.

Carphone Warehouse customers face a very real threat of fraud – people will be worried that their personal details may already have been sold on to criminals looking to instigate phishing attacks.

Customers need to be proactive in looking out for suspicious or unexpected activity, such as someone taking out a credit card or loan in their name.

The best way to do this is to check your credit report.  It’s our belief that people should be able to access this information about themselves for free – without worrying about being tripped up by free trials or asked to enter their bank or credit card details.

You can do this with a service like which provides people with access to their Equifax score and data for free, forever, as regularly as they like.  Any unusual behaviour should be reported to Action Fraud.

Checking your credit score and report has no impact at all on your score. You can check it as often as you like with no worries – it’s your information after all.


Get your credit report and credit score for free. Forever.

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