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Choosing the right technology stack

Are you a Java-holic or an AngularJS ninja? We are hiring!

A good approach to difficult decision making is to take your time and try and put in place a rational system in order to reach a justifiable conclusion. You can always change as you grow, but it can be expensive, so having a foundation for your decision is essential.

At least consider:

  • How cutting edge do you want your technology to be? (you are a startup, so legacy is unlikely to be an issue, but can you really afford delays in delivery because of problems with bleeding edge tech?)
  • How easy and expensive is it to get talent and/or train them?
  • Which technology will get you to market most quickly?
  • Can you quickly get support or answers to your problems?
  • How performant do you need your site to be?
  • Will it scale to deal with your volume projections?
  • What about security/compliance issues in the future?
  • Do you want freedom and cost savings of open source versus more expensive but better supported commercial packages?

Once you know what is important to you, then the rest comes down to putting in the research, scoring the options and making the trade-offs. Read the latest articles, trawl the blogs and ask as many trusted people from your network as you can in order to get the facts. Use your judgement to filter out views that are not impartial: almost everyone has an angle.

At ClearScore, we have taken this approach and made the decision to go down the open source route with a Service Orientated Front-end Architecture with AngularJS, Java, PostgreSQL. These technologies are proven to be reliable, popular, performant and we are confident will be able to scale to provide millions of customers a lifetime of free credit reports and scores on a 24/7 basis.

So if you are a ninja in AngularJS , a Java-holic or you associate an elephant with a database, please check out our job pages and get in contact.


CTO and self-confessed startup addict


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