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ClearScore raises over £1,900 to build refugee shelters

The ClearScore team slept out in a refugee shelter to raise money for Just Shelter, a local initiative set up in response to the refugee crisis in Calais

On Friday night seven intrepid volunteers from the ClearScore team slept out in a refugee shelter to raise money for the refugee crisis in mainland Europe. So far we’ve raised £1,990 and ClearScore is going to match whatever donations are raised – you can donate here.

Currently over 100,000 refugees live in the Calais refugee camp, known as the ‘Jungle’. The conditions are diabolical: there is no sanitation, healthcare, security or refuse collection, and the inhabitants are hungry and distressed. Fires regularly break out, destroying the tents where people have made their homes.

Many families, often with pregnant women and children, are suffering. As a team we were touched by the human tragedy and decided to raise money to build shelters to help the situation.

In order to do this, we spent the night in an exact replica of one of 10 shelters built by Just Shelter, an initiative created by local people in Earlsfield to support homeless refugees. The shelters are simple – made of chipboard and plastic – but they provide basic security and cover for 6 people. The shelters cost around £500 to make, and we have raised enough money for three shelters so far.

The Just Shelter installation - an exact replica of the shelters built to help the refugee crisis

The Just Shelter installation – an exact replica of the shelters built to help the refugee crisis

The shelter in St. Andrew’s Church, Earlsfield, has a sign which invites people to reflect. As well as sharing stories and singing carols, we spent some time reflecting on the situation, which is the worst refugee crisis since World War Two.

Ola, one of the team, said: “Whilst the night itself was only mildly more uncomfortable than camping, it was going home in the morning that put things into perspective – these people do not have the option to ‘clock out’. Such basics things as warmth, food and showers are not available to them. It’s also nice to know that I have the privilege to work alongside people who really care about others and feel responsible for things that are going on around us.”

Lily commented: “Spending a night in the shelter was not an easy task. It made me appreciate just how blessed we are to have all our home comforts and how much we take these things for granted. While we found this night a challenge, it was eye opening to realise that a basic roof over our head and shelter from the cold is so much more than so many of these people have.”

It was a pretty uncomfortable night but at least it wasn’t that cold, and we only had to put up with the conditions for one night. Living under canvas or in a shelter for a long period of time would be very difficult.

We were all very touched by the experience and would encourage you to donate to our appeal. You can do so on our Just Giving page. To continue our support, we will be going over to Calais in January to build the shelters.

Thanks for your support.

Justin, Ola, Lily, Ritesh, Kash, Frank and Jeff

We had some fun

ClearScore volunteers: Justin, Jeff, Ritesh and Kash in the shelter


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