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Going on a date? Make sure your credit score is ready.

An increasing number of people are realising the importance of their credit score in their every day lives.

Though in the UK, credit scores and credit reports don’t usually make it to the top of the dinner conversation list, a different trend has been seen in the US. It turns out that across the Atlantic, it’s not only the lenders who want to know your credit score – it is also the potential partners. started in 2006 and has seen an increase in popularity since the financial crisis as people have become more conscious of their expenses. The website, which matches potential partners based on their credit score, reached 20,000 members in 2014. But whilst it seems sensible to be aware of your partner’s financial situation, is the first date the right time to delve into the topic?

There are some good reasons to specify a good credit score as an important criteria for your future partner. It can be seen to show financial stability and responsibility. If you have never got into debt or missed a payment, chances are you won’t do it in the future. Perhaps, this reliability in financial matters also translates into other areas of your life. However, having a good credit score is not only about the character traits that it reveals. Some individuals might worry that their partner’s bad credit score and report will make it harder for them to get a joint car loan or even a mortgage. If you are seriously considering sharing your life with someone, you want to make sure that their past issues with credit won’t impact on your life decisions.

Though it may seem calculating, a credit score is a very egalitarian measure of financial eligibility because you don’t need a high salary to have a good score. And even if you are on a good salary, a poor credit score could bode financial trouble in the future. So are credit scores the make it or break it of the dating scene? According to a US study by, the importance of financial responsibility is on par with life goals compatibility, and for women it’s even more important than physical attractiveness.

As credit scores and reports enter the dating scene, it is clear that an increasing number of people are realising their importance in everyday lives. Many of your important decisions will depend on whether you can get credit, whether it’s getting a mortgage or a mobile phone contract. The UK might not be ready for credit score dating just yet, but if you still want to make sure that your credit score and report are not an issue next time you go on a date, ClearScore will help you keep an eye on it. For free. Forever.


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