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Growing team, growing office

We welcome a new Client Side Developer to our team and work on creating a more efficient work space.

A new team member, Neil Barton, joined ClearScore today and with him not one but two new desks! In a start-up, the growing team is closely linked to the growing and changing office space. Neil is a Javascript Developer with 15 years of experience and he is joining us as a Client Side Developer. He will be working with Antony on building and maintaining the frontend architecture, which includes getting the registration pages ready for our next release.

As ClearScore headquarters become more crowded, it is inevitable that the use of space becomes more efficient (that means squashed!), with more productivity and talent per metre squared! Some issues and ideas we are considering include people flow during the lunchtime rush and Dave’s suggestion of two-tiered-desks. But the more “efficient” use of space also means more conversations, more creativity and more great ideas about how to make free credit scoring available to everyone, forever!




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