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Updated Information for ClearScore Customers about Equifax Data Breach – update 4 at 22:20 10th October 2017

On the 7th September at 22:39 we were informed that Equifax, the credit bureau that we work with to show you your credit report and score, has been the subject to a large-scale data breach in their business. Equifax assured us that no UK financial information had been compromised.

Equifax have worked with UK regulators and law enforcement to assess the impact on UK citizens. This evening Equifax released new information about the incident affecting their systems. They have now disclosed that 694,000 UK consumers had personal information potentially compromised in the incident and could be at risk of "possible criminal activity". Nearly 14 million further UK records were involved in the breach, but they contained only names and dates of birth.

Four groups of affected UK customers were involved in the incident:

  • 637,000 whose phone numbers could have been accessed
  • 29,000 whose driving licence numbers could have been accessed
  • 15,000 who could have had some of their Equifax membership details, such as usernames and passwords, accessed
  • and 12,000 whose email address could have been compromised

Equifax has said it is writing to UK consumers whose details have been accessed to offer a free service that monitors their personal data and credit information. Equifax have been using to provide updates on this incident and Equifax UK have been using:

We would also recommend that anyone concerned follows the advice offered by the UK's National Cyber Security Centre.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and our systems, have been, and continue to be secure.

For further information please visit our FAQs, which we have updated in light of this latest information from Equifax.

We will keep you informed if the situation changes.


Justin Basini

CEO and Founder, ClearScore


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