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Introducing ClearScore’s new and improved apps

We’ve rebuilt our iOS and Android apps, giving you even better access to your credit score and report.

Nearly 80% of our customers now check their credit scores using mobile devices, so we wanted to make sure our apps give you the best possible experience.


The re-launch comes after months of hard work across the ClearScore team. The design team reimagined every part of the user experience which was brought to life by our dedicated mobile team in the UK and Czech Republic. The results are two new and improved apps with both brains and beauty.  


So how exactly are they different from the old apps?


Our original apps were ‘hybrids’, meaning they were effectively an adapted version of the website. At the time this did the job, allowing us to offer the first, free credit checking apps in the UK. But they weren’t quite as clean (or as cool) as we thought they could be.

As Justin Basini, our CEO and co-founder says “As people become more aware of how their credit score and report impacts their everyday lives, the expectation for a slick mobile experience has grown.”

For the new update the mobile team have essentially started from scratch, building a new app which offers a much better experience. We’ve made the move towards ‘native code’ which has some really great benefits for users and developers:

  • The apps are now much faster.
  • ‘Native’ apps can be optimised for every device, so whatever phone or tablet you use, the experience will be nice and seamless (and good-looking, too).
  • And this one is our favourite: logged-in users will now be able to access their credit report without an internet connection. Cool, right?

We’re really excited to relaunch our apps so why not head over to the App store or Google Play store to download or update them? We’d also really love to hear what you think, so feel free to leave us a review in the store.




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