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Making the confusing and opaque – clear

What's ClearScore all about? Our CEO Justin Basini gives an outline of what we do and why we do it.

So what the hell is this ClearScore thing all about anyway? Most of my friends have been asking this and so I thought it worth having a crack at defining what we are doing.

Currently the world of credit reporting and scoring is complicated and untransparent. Nearly a quarter of people in the UK have experienced being rejected for credit (even me!) or ‘downsold’ (being told that they can’t be give Product A but offered, a generally more expensive Product B). When this happens most often people are told “your credit score isn’t good enough” and guess what they then want to see their credit score and report.

At this stage they have two choices: either pay £2 and go through a pretty tortuous process to get a print out or XML version of their credit report (they won’t be told their score) or pay around £15 a month for access through a paid for service.

We think this isn’t good enough and we are working hard to make this opaque, complicated and difficult process, much, much, much easier… and free!

Better get back to it – the process of making your credit score clear won’t happen by itself!

Thanks for reading.


Co-founder and CEO


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