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ClearScore's Mental Health Ambassadors: Our Manifesto

At ClearScore, we take mental health seriously. It's not just a box ticking exercise - we know that a weekly yoga session won't put the world to rights. We know that we simply can't do our best work, or be our best selves, if we don't take care of our minds. So a while ago, we trained up a group of ClearScorers to become Mental Health Ambassadors. And we put together an manifesto; as a sort of promise to the company, so that everyone can see what standards we hold ourselves and each other to.
Our role as Mental Health Ambassadors (MHAs) is to encourage conversation around, and promote the importance of, mental health. Just like physical health, mental health is essential to our personal wellbeing, but for some reason we feel less comfortable discussing how we feel. It makes us feel vulnerable, but that’s not always a bad thing. Our mission is to change the way we talk about something that affects one in four of us, yet still remains a taboo. 
We know that when things aren’t going to plan in your personal life, you don’t drop this at the door on your way into work. But the way we communicate about these ‘things’ varies based on whether they’re physical or mental. If you break your leg, it’s a visible ailment and you’re (probably) happy to talk about what happened with whoever asks. But if you break up with your partner, this is more easily masked, and most of us are less likely to pour our hearts out to a colleague over breakfast. 
Keeping things to yourself can make them a whole lot worse. We want to empower people to open up if they’re not feeling 100%, because it’s okay not to be okay. You shouldn’t have to hide this, and your manager shouldn’t be your only port of call if you’re not comfortable with that.
Importantly, we won’t be shying away from using the term ‘mental health’. We won’t be glossing over the real meaning and romanticising the issue by dubbing it ‘wellbeing’. Mental health is exactly that, which is why we’re reclaiming the phrase and using it proudly.
We’ll provide one-to-one support for people who want it and signpost them towards mental health resources and advice, like the Employee Assistance Program we work closely with. We’re here to listen confidentially and without judgment, and share our own experiences when relevant. 
Holding regular wellbeing talks, training and events, and raising awareness of external events, is also something we’ll be taking seriously. We’ll aim to promote ideas and initiatives we think could benefit each other’s wellbeing and manage stress in the workplace, as well as encouraging top-down, bottom-up ownership of identifying potential mental health issues in employees. Really, it should be at the core of everything we do, because our people are our biggest and best asset.
Our environment must support all ClearScore employees, wherever they are in the world. And as we expand overseas, we’ll look to grow the MHA team. It’s particularly vital that all new starters are made aware of who the designated Mental Health Ambassadors are and where they can find support.

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