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New Overview feature added to the ClearScore personal Dashboard this week

The Overview makes your information even easier to understand.

Our mission at ClearScore is to make people’s finances clear and easy to manage, and that starts with our first goal of giving everyone in Britain access to their credit score and report for free, forever for the first time.

In July we launched our free credit score service which does exactly what it says on the tin.  Free scores and reports, forever.  No 30 day free trials, or up-sells to get more information – just simple and free.

We’re pleased to have achieved this goal, and we’re even more pleased to see that people like the website and find the service useful.

But we don’t plan to stand still and rest on our laurels, because there is so much more to be done.

Instead, we’re working on a whole host of new features to make our free service even better.  We ask ourselves every day ‘how can we present information more clearly?’, ‘what else would people find useful to know?’, ‘what mysteries remain unsolved in the confusing world of finance and credit?’

This week we launched a new feature, which we think people will find really useful. The new ‘Overview’ feature gives ClearScore users a really clear visual snapshot of their personal credit position. With this we take another step towards making the unclear, clear.


NewOverview gif


Here’s what the Overview feature does:

  1. Shows how your score compares to the average score in your postcode or in the UK
  2. Lists the factors that have affected your own score, both positively and negatively
  3. Tracks how your score changes over time from the first time you registered at ClearScore
  4. Shows the headline details about each of your open credit lines – like how much is left to pay

You can find the Personal Overview page by logging into ClearScore and clicking on the ‘Report’ link on the right hand side of your dashboard.

We hope you find it useful.  Let us know!



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