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Orkney Revealed As Home of UK’s Best Money Managers

ClearScore has analysed the credit scores of almost 10 million Brits to create an interactive map. How does your area rank?

Residents of Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, are the UK’s best money managers, according to new research from

ClearScore analysed the credit scores of almost 10 million Brits1 and matched these to postcode districts across the UK. It found those living on the Scottish island had an average score of 454, 19% higher than the national average of 380. The South East London postcode district had the lowest average score at 361.

ClearScore has created a credit score map of the UK which allows anyone to discover how their local area compares to the national average. It’s part of a wider campaign encouraging people to check their free credit score and actively manage it by correcting errors, to increase their ability to access the best deals at the lowest price.

Credit scores matter – they are used as an indication of how well an individual is managing their money. They help determine whether someone gets the best deals on financial products, whether they can buy or rent a property, and can affect their ability to get a mobile phone contract or even a job.

Justin Basini, ClearScore founder and CEO commented, “This map clearly shows that credit scores vary significantly across the country. And whilst where you live doesn’t determine your personal credit score, it’s important to remember that lenders may use ‘postcode profiling’ as an overall indication of the risk associated with a particular area. If you have an excellent personal credit score then you should have no problem successfully applying for credit, even if the average for your postcode is low. But those with a low score who also live in an area with a lower average could face greater scrutiny and be held back. To get an excellent credit score, you need to get financially savvy and manage your finances and credit score carefully.”


The UK’s highest ranking postcode districts by credit score:

Rank Area Postcode Average credit score
1 Kirkwall KW 453.68
2 Lerwick ZE 453.25
3 Exeter EX 445.49
4 Bath BA 445.4
5 Dorchester DT 444.23
6 Harrogate HG 444.12
7 Kingston Upon Thames KT 443.27
8 Guilford GU 443.07
9 Worcester WR 442.13
10 Shrewsbury SY 441.83
11 Tauton TA 441.57
12 Inverness IV 441.47
13 Aberdeen AB 441.41
14 Ipswich IP 441.15
15 Norwich NR 440.18
16 Gloucester GL 439.92
17 York YO 439.4
18 Cambridge CB 439.39
19 Perth PH 438.83
20 Carlisle CA 438.41


The UK’s lowest ranking postcode districts by credit score:

Rank Area Postcode Average credit score
1 South East London SE 361.15
2 East London E 361.56
3 Southall U 370.38
4 North West London NW 371.87
5 West Central London WC 372.76
6 Manchester M 374.62
7 Liverpool L 382.6
8 Jersey JE 383.05
9 Croydon CR 387.29
10 North London N 388.96
11 Central London EC 389.14
12 South West London SW 390.24
13 Oldham OL 391.19
14 Luton LU 393.18
15 Blackburn BB 394.17
16 Ilford IL 395.4
17 West London W 398.94
18 Bradford BD 400.19
19 Romford RM 400.4
20 Harrow HA 401.58


1 Data is based on the analysis of 9,673,474 individual credit scores, across 8,589 post code sectors, provided by ClearScore’s data partner, Equifax.



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