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Our growing ClearScore team…

We have three new joiners to the ClearScore team.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely but what you realise pretty quickly is that you can counter that potential loneliness by recruiting a kick-ass set of people. It’s a cliché in business today that ‘people are everything’. Actually in most businesses, especially large ones, it’s not that true – things still get made, sold, marketed, analysed without specific individuals turning up.

But in a start up it is really important to get hiring decisions right. Why? Because you will likely be spending a lot of time with people, often in cramped conditions and for long periods of time under pressure. If people don’t like each other then it will come out quite quickly and often explosively!

So I’m delighted to say that we have three new joiners to the ClearScore team. All three are devilishly good looking, athletic and incredibly talented – traits that will come in handy as I beat them into submission creating our product.

So a big welcome to Klaus Thorup who joins as Chief Technology Officer; Frank Sedivy who is going to lead our UX / UI efforts and Antony Cooper who is joining us as a Client-side Developer. You are all very welcome to the ClearScore team as we revolutionise the world of credit scores and credit reports.

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