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Poor Credit Scores Exclude Brits from Everyday Products

Poor credit scores can exclude peole from mobile phone contracts, rental agreeements or a job.

According to research from the Debt Advisory Centre, six million Brits are excluded from everyday products because of their poor credit scores. A credit score makes us think about mortgages, credit cards and loans, but 3 million people have been refused a mobile phone contract, two million turned down for a rental agreement and a million stopped from getting car insurance or a job because of a bad credit report.

You are not alone if you take something like getting a new mobile phone contract for granted. However, three million people have been refused that new smartphone because their credit report was not up to scratch, so checking your credit score before you apply might be worth your while. Especially as a bad credit report could put you at a disadvantage in other areas, such as rental agreements, or even getting a new job.

This information might be surprising, but the solution is easy. ClearScore will give everyone a free credit score and a credit report so that you always know where you stand. Knowing exactly what’s happening with your credit report and credit score could save you from an unpleasant surprise in the future.


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