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Tesco and Barclays give free access to credit scores

Latest news: Tesco and Barclaycard give their customers access to credit information

Tesco Bank and Barclays have just announced that they will be giving their customers access to their credit score and report for free. Combined, this affects 10 million customers of Tesco Bank and Barclaycard.

It’s good news – and definitely a step in the right direction, but only a very small percentage of Brits stand to benefit. There’s more to be done before everyone has truly free access to their credit report.

At ClearScore, you can access your credit score and report for free, forever – no matter who you bank with. Equally, we use a powerful data engine to present you with opt in suggestions for credit cards, loans and other financial products across the market, which could save you money. These are generated in real-time and are tailored to your unique financial situation. Additionally, the likelihood of acceptance takes the guesswork out of applications and offers you a complete view of your options.

Credit history is an important part of your finances and checking it should form part of your financial habits as much as checking your current accounts – to keep your finances clear and under control.


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