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The best Apple Watch apps in 2016

ClearScore reviews the best Apple Watch apps of 2016

Apple watches are undeniably cool. You can check your messages on the go, get notified about meetings, and dictate replies without fishing your phone out of your bag. You can relax knowing you’ll never miss an important call, but also dismiss those annoying telemarketing calls in a second. And that’s before we’ve even started on the hugely popular in-built health apps.

To celebrate the launch of our very own ClearScore Apple Watch app, we’ve reviewed some of the best and most useful watch apps on the market.

1. Streaks

Streaks Apple Watch app

Streaks Apple Watch app

Price: £2.99
Great for: Beautiful design, and the potential to build life-changing habits
Watch out for: There’s no free taster version

A clean and simple app, Streaks is all about making good habits and sticking to them. You pick a few activities you want to do on a regular basis (walk to work, call your mum, read a book), then set the days you want to do them. Every time you complete a task, you extend your streak. Forget one day, and your streak is broken- motivating you to keep up the pace.

Streaks also integrates with your iOS Health app, so if your goal is to walk 5000 steps, it’ll tell you when you’ve done it. As Frank, our head of UX Design says, ‘It’s a to-do list, but a cool one’.

2. Strava Running and Cycling

Stava running and cycling watch app

Strava running and cycling Apple Watch app

Price: Free. Premium is £4.49 a month, or £44.99 a year.
Great for: Competitive types who love to push themselves
Watch out for: It only covers running and cycling (but you probably guessed that)

The beauty of Strava is that it’s simple: it tracks your runs and cycle rides. This simplicity makes it really easy to use– when you open the app all you see is either a running shoe or a bike, which you press to start or stop your journey.

Strava uses GPS to map your route, and delivers you key statistics like speed, distance, pace and calories burned. But the real hook is the social aspect. You can follow friends, rank yourself on leaderboards and share a photo of your sweaty endeavors on Instagram. Perfect if you’re a little bit competitive.

3. LifeSum

LifeSum Apple Watch app

LifeSum Apple Watch app

Price: Free
Great for: Gentle reminders help you stay on track
Watch out for: It pushes you to to pay for the premium version, LifeSum Gold (which is £7.99 a month or £35 for 12 months)

Based in Stockholm, Lifesum was an original launch partner for the Apple Watch. It’s essentially a diet-tracker app, but the pretty and user-friendly design sets it apart from others.

When you sign up, LifeSum offers you three plans: Be Healthier, Lose Weight or Gain Weight. After inputting your details, you’re given a tailored calorie plan, and prompted to input your daily meals and exercise. It even sends you a gentle reminder if, say, you’ve overindulged a little at brunch.

Although inputting your meals is as time consuming as any other diet app, its barcode scanner option speeds things up, and its ability to connect with partners such as Fitbit, Runkeeper, Withings and Health could make it quite useful.

4. Slack

Slack apple watch app

Slack Apple Watch app

Price: Free
Great for: Slacking on-the-go
Watch out for: Over-Slacking on-the-go

If you’re one of the 2.3 million people who love Slack, you’ll love Slack for Apple Watch. Push notifications on your wrist mean you can now keep track of all your office chit chat and mentions without lifting a finger.

The actual app is split into two sections – direct messages and mentions. This means you can choose between a list of your messages, and a list of unread mentions of your name or highlighted words. You can also reply to messages, either with an emoji, dictation, or pre-defined text (in typical witty Slack style).

If you want to switch to your iPhone, just swipe up on the bottom left corner, and carry on where you left off.

5. Sleep ++

Sleep ++ Apple Watch app

Sleep ++ Apple Watch app

Price: Free
Great for: Monitoring your sleep patterns
Watch out for: You have to wear your watch while you sleep (ouch?)

Sleep ++ uses your Apple Watch’s motion tracking capabilities to monitor your sleep. All you need to do is wear your watch, tap when you start sleeping, and tap again when you wake up.

In the morning, you’ll be presented with lots of interesting data about your night’s sleep: how long you slept, your restful and restless hours, and your best sleep period. The main downside is wearing your watch while you sleep, but our UX designer Frank says he wears his every night with no problem (that’s true Apple Watch love).

6. ClearScore

ClearScore Apple Watch app

ClearScore Apple Watch app

Price: Free
Great for: Your credit report and score at a glance
Watch out for: You can’t delve into your credit report details

Although we do say so ourselves, the ClearScore app for Apple Watch is simple and neat. As Arooj, our junior UX Designer says, ‘The app is clear and succinct … it gives you just the necessary information you would need with a quick glance’.

On the app you can see your score, your short term debt, and your next report date. It will also ping you a notification when your new report is ready, so you’re always in the know.

Apple Watch owners, let the fun begin!


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