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Updated ClearScore – it’s even easier to make the most out of your score and report

ClearScore is now easier to use and more personal than ever due to personal product recommendations.

At ClearScore, we’re always thinking about how to improve your experience, to help you get the most out of your credit report and score. That’s why we have recently introduced some new features and layout changes on the website. Read about them here.

Personal Product Recommendations

Seeing too many offers can be confusing and daunting, and it can prevent you from seeing which one is best for you. The ClearScore Offers section of the website now picks out the top 5 cards relevant to your personal credit profile.  This means you don’t have to waste time looking through irrelevant offers if you’re short on time, but you can still see all the cards available to you if you’d like to browse.  ClearScore is completely impartial – meaning we only show you the best value cards available for you.

The Offers section also shows your eligibility rating, which is the likelihood of being accepted for each credit card. The eligibility score is between 0 and 100, with 100 meaning that your likelihood of being accepted is high. This information can help you to make the right decision about which card to apply for.

Research shows we tend to overestimate our creditworthiness, so it’s good to have an unbiased judgement of our credit history when applying for financial products. With an eligibility check, you are less likely to be unnecessarily rejected for products that you had no chance of getting in the first place. Though, you have to remember that being eligible does not guarantee a successful application.

Panel_3 Simpler navigation

We have also made some changes to how you view your report. You can now see all your Accounts on the same page without having to move between different sections. This makes it easier to get an idea of where you stand with your borrowings. Also, the simplified menu makes it easier to navigate between the different parts of your report and it lets you access each section easily from the top panel.

Help Icons

Inline HelpWe understand that credit scores and reports can be baffling at times. To help make everything more clear you can now find help icons next to each part of your report. Click on these, and you get a bitesize explanation of what this part of your report means and what you can expect to find there. There is no need to open a new page and get distracted away from what you’re currently doing. And in case you want more information, you can always go to our Help Centre or read our guides: Know Your Score and Improve Your Score.


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