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We’re in Beta!

After months of hard work, we are excited to open up the site to real users.

Today, there’s a buzz of excitement and anticipation in the ClearScore office – our website is going into beta!

For months we’ve been working hard in the background to build the ClearScore service and we are thrilled to have a group of ‘real people’ experience it before it is released to the public later this summer. Though it will still be in test mode, our three hundred Beta Testers will be the first people in the UK to get their truly free credit score and report, which makes it an important day in our calendar.

We can’t wait to hear what people think.

Credit scores are like a person’s ‘financial CV’ and impact people’s lives in a host of different ways.  They help determine whether someone gets the best deals on financial products, whether they can buy or rent a property, and can affect their ability to get a mobile phone contract or even a job.  The team here at ClearScore believe everyone should have free access to something that affects their life so much.

Letting testers loose on the website is an exciting prospect, as we’ll be able to collect valuable feedback and learn more about how people will use ClearScore.

Getting to this stage has been a huge team effort with everyone, from back-end developers to our customer operations team, working hard to deliver the best user experience.  Learning is also an important part of this process, as we discover new approaches and get a better understanding of what will work best for our customers.





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