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"We’re creating something that is changing the relationship people have with their money - the potential to impact people's lives for the better is what we care about" - Anna

"We’re creating something that is changing the relationship people have with their money - the potential to impact people's lives for the better is what we care about" - Anna

Meet the team

Our marketing team are the voice of ClearScore. They create a visionary brand, and bring it to millions of users. Our commercial team manage our partnerships, get exciting new products on the site and keep ClearScore in great financial shape.



Anna connects ClearScore with millions of users, fulfilling our mission of helping everyone get clear on their money.  When she’s not busy talking to customers she’s on yet another mini-break or doing headstands.



Andy works closely with our commercial partners to ensure they maximise the value of the ClearScore platform. He’s slightly obsessed with Liverpool FC, cricket and ‘hitting the plan’.

Want to join this team?

Available roles


Available roles


CRM Executive

Here at ClearScore we make personal finance clear, calm and easy to understand. We started by giving our users free access to their credit score and report and are now focused on developing new ways to help them sort their money.

Operations Manager

The Company

Global CRM Manager

People around the world will turn to ClearScore when they think about financial decisions. We make personal finance clearer, calmer and easier to understand. We help people take decisions that create greater financial well-being." This is the ClearScore mission, and what you will see when you come into our office.

Customer Operations Engineer - London Office

ClearScore is one of the leading Fin-Techs in the UK. It’s a disruptive, rapid-growing business with a mission to put people in charge of their personal finances – firstly by giving people free access to their credit score and report. The business was recently awarded a place on the prestigious Future Fifty list and has ambitions to reach 12 million users by the end of 2019.

Business Development Manager - Commercial

Leading the development of the strategy for the Credit Cards channel, you will have management of one of more team members an also manage high value and complex commercial relationships. This role handles intra- and cross-team collaboration, securing buy-in for projects that are integral to our commercial targets. Making data-driven business decisions to drive value for our users, our partners and the business. The Commercial manager finds creative ways to develop new revenue streams that deliver incremental value for the business and collaborates with others to identify business development opportunities, leading commercial negotiations where necessary.

Can't find a role?

If you are interested in working at ClearScore but you can’t find a specific role to suit you, you can still send across your CV which we will consider as we are always looking out for new talent!


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