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Coaching with ClearScore

Hannah Salih
21 February 2017

Our free coaching plans are an interactive way to help you get your credit score and finances into shape.

Working with our friends at The Money Charity, ClearScore has created a series of online Coaching plans to help our users work towards their financial goals.

What is coaching?

Each coaching plan is like a personal fitness session for your finances. We’ll ask you a series of questions about you and how you feel about money, and at the end of the plan you’ll get a personalised to-do list.

We've kept the plans short and focussed – depending on your plan it will take around 5 minutes to complete.

And the best thing is, like everything we do, coaching is completely free (and always will be).

Whatever your credit history we’ve got you covered.

There are three Coaching plans available: ‘Repair’, ‘Shape Up’ and ‘Build’. You’ll see one of these plans appear in your account, chosen to suit your credit profile.

Our ‘Repair’ plan is designed to help you work out how to improve if you have a damaged credit score. We recommend this one if you've gone into arrears on a debt or had a CCJ taken out against you (for example). In this plan, you’ll be given some quick tasks to help you improve your credit score, as well as some tips to work on in the long term.

If you haven’t had much experience with credit, and have a ‘thin file’, then the ‘Build’ plan might be recommended to you. This will help explain more about credit and credit scoring and show you how to start bulking up your report for the future.

If your score is already looking good but you’d like to brush up your finances, then you might want to try our ‘Shape Up’ coaching plan. This plan explains the golden rules of managing your money, from making savings to downsizing your debt.

At the end of the coaching session you’ll get a to-do list.

Your to-do list gives you a list of easy tasks you can check off in order to get on top of your finances. The list will include practical things like getting yourself on the electoral roll, plus things to read and videos to watch, and we will show you how long each task will take to complete.

Every time you go back into your ClearScore account, your to-do list will be there ready to pick up where you left off.

Check out your free plan in the Coaching section of your ClearScore account

by Hannah Salih

Hannah reads all the finance info on the web so you don't have to. She knows all there is to know about your finances but still spends all her money on brunch. 

ClearScore exists to make your finances simple.
We offer a free service where you can handle everything to do with credit in one place. In your ClearScore account, you can see your credit score and the full details of your credit report. Your credit cards, mortgages, mobile phone contracts, loans, overdrafts and utilities all on the record. Our goal is to make ClearScore as simple, calm and straightforward as possible. Money is stressful enough.