Good drivers can save with DriveScore

DriveScore is a new, free app just launched by ClearScore to help you save money on your car insurance.

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Automatically measure how you drive, turning your phone into your silent coach. DriveScore is easy and quick. It runs in the background, distraction-free, allowing you to focus on the road.

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Get your score, track changes and see how you compare. DriveScore will show you what’s positive and what to work on. Prove and improve your driving.

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Use your DriveScore to shop for cheaper car insurance, helping you save money. A smarter, fairer way to buy based on how you drive.

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Analyse your driving behavior

DriveScore uses your phone's sensors to track how you drive, identifying where you could improve.

View the full details of your trip, including overall drive rating, insights and trip stats. Dive further into insights by going to the maps page, where you can zoom into the precise location of each driving event recorded.

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Become a better driver

DriveScore helps you to build better driving habits by showing you personalised driving tips and highlighting areas that you can improve.

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What’s great about DriveScore?

Enhanced insurance offers

Request car insurance quote and choose whether you want to share your score with our insurance partners.

Saving on car insurance

Offers provided by our insurance partners are informed by your DriveScore, meaning you get prices that are based on your driving behaviour.

Your data, your choice

With DriveScore, you're always in control of your data. You choose if you want to share your score.

It’s fair

DriveScore looks at your driving over time, so your insurance is based on how you drive, not how insurers think you drive.

Smart trip classification

DriveScore learns how you drive and automatically classifies your journeys as drives or not. You can always update your journey classifications manually from your trip list.

Automatic drive recording

We automatically record your drives in the background. When you stop driving your trip will be added to your trip list.

The new way to buy car insurance

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