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2016: Here's to the leaders

Justin, our CEO and co-founder, reflects on the year and what the future holds for ClearScore

Christmas is a very special time at ClearScore. It’s not just an opportunity for festive fun, although we make time for that, but also a time for reflection on the year and what the future holds. The whole team is thinking about what’s gone well and what’s gone less well for us this year.

A year of huge achievement

As I ponder over what we have achieved, the one word that comes to mind time and time again is leadership. In 2016 ClearScore became the UK market leader, with over 3 million people regularly using our service to check their credit report and score for free, forever. We are bursting with pride that so many people have chosen to use our product; we feel humbled and at times a bit overwhelmed.

Of course, this success has caused some big changes in the credit report landscape in the UK. ClearScore was founded on a belief that your financial data should be free, easy and securely accessible. So when the biggest credit reference agency in the world, Experian, chose to make their credit score free in direct response to ClearScore, we were delighted and applauded their decision to stop charging people.

2016 was also a year of amazing innovations. We launched Timeline, an easy and useful way to keep track of your finances, and added Personal Loans and Car Finance to our growing range of products. Improved content through our Learn area has also helped to deliver on our commitment to make the opaque world of credit scoring clearer and easier to understand.

Just like when we first started, we still read all your feedback and every bad review, grumble and frustration is like a dart to our heart. We work so hard to fix bugs and support as many platforms as we can. When we have got it wrong, I’m sorry.

In 2017, we will work hard to continue to be the best way to check your credit report and score for free. However, next year will also be about evolving ClearScore into a platform which you can use to manage your finances and shop smarter for more products. I am fizzing with excitement about the beginning of this journey with the launch of Coaching at ClearScore in January.

Come forward the leaders

I am confident that in 2017 we’ll continue the huge growth and impact of ClearScore, and that’s because of the leadership I’ve seen across the ClearScore team this year.

Greg, Kat and Tegan have worked so hard with their team, both in the UK and India, to manage customer tickets and queries. At times, we have struggled to keep up with user queries and I know that this has been frustrating to many of our loyal users. I’m sorry for this, but the team’s leadership in dealing with these issues has been a testament to their fortitude and commitment to our users.  

Kash, who runs product, and Klaus, who runs technology, have also, with their teams, delivered an increasingly complex product with efficiency and pace. I’m so proud of our product and how it works – beautiful to use, multi-faceted, useful and always free.

That pride is fundamentally built on the security of knowing that we are a producing a quality product, and my thanks go to Paul who runs our quality assurance team. It is their attention to detail and obsession to get things right that delivers a wonderful experience for our users.

I’m hugely grateful and full of admiration for the younger people in the team who rise to significant challenges. Charlie, for example, who runs our credit card product line, has delivered what I think is the best credit card shopping experience in the world. I’m also excited to see our users experiencing the improvements to our personal loans offers and our latest product launch of Car Finance.

The lifeblood of any young business is bringing our product and brand to the attention of new users and ensuring that our current users understand how our product is changing and developing. Anna, who leads our marketing efforts, has delivered with her team time and time again, even when major competitors outspend us in the market.

We have invested more time in customer relationship management this year and Lauren’s dedication and delivery, all the long hours focussed on every detail of our emails, ensures that we have delivered an elegant empowering experience.

Finally, I’d like to recognise the unwavering leadership of Frank and his design team. They have the unenviable task of working directly with me on our product. Timeline, Learn, Personal Loans, Car Finance, and the thousands of small changes are sweated over and iterated to ensure that we keep ClearScore at the cutting edge of financial products in the world.

Thank you

To the ClearScore team and to all our users I say a huge thank you. It has been a challenging year but through your commitment to ClearScore we will continue to develop the best, most innovative and most beautiful way to get on top of your financial situation, always for free.

Merry Christmas and I hope 2017 will bring you more control and understanding of your finances.



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