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Fulfilling our potential

ClearScore University Week and meeting Lilian Bayliss College

I believe that one of our greatest responsibilities in life is to fulfil our potential, in a way that delivers value to ourselves, our communities and the world. All of us have a role in helping others to achieve their potential. Whatever our age, we always have so much to learn from each other. 

ClearScore University Week

Within ClearScore, I’m so proud that we walk that talk having just completed our inaugural ClearScore University Week. Over 2,500 hours of capability building were delivered by our leadership team and external guests to the whole company over an intense week.

We covered many of the areas where we need to be world-class, so that we can continue to fuel the rocket ship journey that is ClearScore:

  • Communication – how we really listen and communicate with each other
  • Working – how we take accountability for the hyper-productivity needed to deliver the ClearScore vision
  • Leading – how we think about designing products for our users and leading through our delivery
  • Understanding – how our business works and what constitutes a great business
  • Succeeding – how we achieve in a pressured environment whilst staying healthy and happy.

I know that some of the team were cynical about whether this would be a worthwhile investment.  Taking a week off to reflect and learn is a bold move, especially in a delivery focussed culture like ClearScore.

I know it was a challenge to deliver the training ourselves, especially as our leadership team are hugely busy. However, the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive, and it was an immense privilege to work with the increasingly large and diverse ClearScore team.

Personally, as I delivered my sessions on how to take vision to action, I was so reassured about the quality, heart and insight of the team. We talked in depth how delivering anything, especially delivering things that are wonderful, takes huge personal accountability even whilst working closely with each other.

Lilian Bayliss College 

Many of us have been lucky enough to receive wonderful educations and experiences throughout our lives, and we have a responsibility to share this knowledge with others. I was so proud when Frank, Anna and myself welcomed 26 BTEC students from Lilian Bayliss College to ClearScore for a session discussing how ClearScore handles marketing, advertising and design.

Lilian Bayliss College is right on our doorstep in Vauxhall, Lambeth. From the first time I walked into our new office and threw footballs from the ClearScore garden over the fence back into their playground, I was determined to build links with this Technology College. I am delighted that through student visits and mentoring programmes we are sharing our knowledge so that the next generation can achieve their potential as well.

The responsibility to fulfil our potential, and helping others to achieve theirs, is central to ClearScore and our culture. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see someone succeed. Through these individual successes, we fulfil the collective potential of ClearScore and through this we earn the right to have an impact on millions of lives.


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