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ClearScore wins the Social Inclusion Award for Coaching

We’re so thrilled to announce that we picked up the prestigious ‘Social Inclusion in Financial Services’ award at The Card & Payment Awards last Thursday!
The award recognises companies that put financial and personal inclusion at the heart of everything they do. And winning it was all thanks to our Coaching platform. When we launched ClearScore back in 2015, our mission was - and still is - to help everyone achieve greater financial wellbeing. We’re strong believers that no matter how much you earn or where you’re from, you should be able to plan better for the future and make more informed decisions about how you manage your money. 
To help you do that, we developed Coaching plans (13 of them and counting) to help simplify personal finance for everyone. If you haven’t tried a Coaching plan before, we like to think of each one as a personal trainer for your finances. Whatever your financial goal - whether you want to boost your credit score or buy your first home - we’ll ask you a few questions, and create a personalised action plan to help you get there. All in less than 10 minutes.
Millions of people have started getting their money in shape with our plans (‘Improve your score’ is the most popular one). And some of our users told us what they thought:
“[ClearScore’s] coaching guides are a must read.”
“The advice they offer through their coaching is invaluable.”
“The coaching facility is fantastic and it taught me a number of common mistakes I was making which were negatively impacting my credit rating.”
Here are Freddie (our Business Development Executive) and Sarah (our Business Development Manager) picking up the award at the fancy Grosvenor House Hotel in London:
Click here to see our range of Coaching plans - we’ve recommended a few that we think you’ll really love! If you’re new to ClearScore, sign up to access Coaching and everything else we have to offer here.

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