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This page will be full of handy tools to help you understand credit better. For now, play around with our savings calculator, and find out how much you could save by improving your score.

Savings calculator

Lenders reserve their best rates for those with the highest credit score. Find out how improving your score could reduce the cost of your credit card and give you more choice.

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You could save £365* a year
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The Savings Calculator assumes:

  • National average household credit card debt is £2325 (according to The Money Charity, July 2015)
  • Household pays off the minimum each month over a ‘lifetime’ period of 50 years
  • Fair and Good APR% is assumed based on mid-points between typical rates offered to Poor and Excellent scores (see below)

Defaqto data: (September 2015)

Av. APR rate offered to Poor credit score = 36.5%

Av. APR rate offered to Excellent credit score = 20%