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Save money this June with these 5 hacks

Frankie Jones
24 June 2019

We’re back with this month’s top money saving tips to help you cut back on your spending without compromising your quality of life. These hacks are a quick and easy way to make the most of your money, whether you’re on a shoestring budget or just trying to save a little more. Check out our top tips from May if you missed them.

Try meat-free Mondays

This one’s good for your wallet and the planet. It’s no secret that meat costs more than veggies. (This research by the IEA even found that just 30p could cover your daily recommended fruit and veg intake.) So start substituting as little as one meaty meal for a plant-based one a week and watch your savings stack up. If you’re worried it won’t taste as good, MOB Kitchen have some great plant-based recipes which feed four people for under a tenner - get their new veggie book on Amazon from 4th July 2019.

Don’t auto-save your card details

Isn’t it so easy to buy stuff online when your card details are automatically saved? Exactly, don’t do this! We suggest removing any card details stored online (or clearing your cookies altogether if you’ve saved them on too many sites to count). Adding this extra step into your online purchase will give you more time to consider whether you really need whatever you’re about to buy.

Download Receipt Hog

Make money from this receipt-collecting app. Simply submit photos of your receipts to Receipt Hog and answer survey questions to get cash rewards in the form of coins. For example, if you submit a receipt for over £100 you’ll get 20 coins, which you can redeem for PayPal credit or Amazon gift cards. You needn’t spend more than a penny to start earning money, but the more you submit, the more you’ll get back - 1,000 coins is worth about £3. (If you’re wondering what’s in it for them, they make money from your receipt data which gets churned into market research reports.)

Grow your own herbs

Summer’s the perfect time to start planting your own herbs. There’s an upfront cost with this one as you’ll need to buy the seeds, compost and a pot if you don’t already have one, but providing you look after your edible garden, you’ll never need to buy basil for your spaghetti again. Leave your herbs near the window so they can soak up the sun, and ask a neighbour to keep them watered if you go away. Follow Jamie Oliver’s guide to growing your own herbs if you’re not naturally green fingered.

Get birthday freebies

This one will only save you money once a year, but it’s worth it. If you want free stuff on your birthday, sign up to as many restaurant, cafe, bar and clothing retailer mailing lists as you can. When you go to subscribe, a lot of sites will also ask you for your date of birth. They’ll then use this to send you tempting offers when the big day rolls around, from free pizza at Zizzi to a round of prosecco slushies for the table at Pastaio. And if you can’t wait until then, the good news is that you might be sent offer emails in the meantime as a thank you for subscribing.

by Frankie Jones

Frankie Jones is ClearScore's in-house Copywriter. 

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