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I’m so proud that we have put ClearScore live in South Africa. This is the result of over a year of focused and hard work across the team to develop what we believe is the very best way to stay in control of your credit report and score. For Free. Forever. 

Our approach to showing you your credit report and score is focused on delivering an engaging, beautiful product that allows you to easily assess your report, correct any errors and do this securely. We use the highest levels of security to ensure that your data is always kept safe. Your report is updated 12 times a year so that it is always up to date and checking with ClearScore doesn’t hurt your credit score, and that’s guaranteed. You can check your score with ClearScore on a computer or on your smartphone.

We are very happy to be partnering with Experian in South Africa who are the world’s largest credit reference bureau and a major player in South Africa. Through ClearScore you can see for free all the data that is shared on you and your behaviour and check it’s correct.

I’m often asked how can we offer this service completely free. That’s because we offer credit related products, such as loans and credit cards, on the site. We have an algorithm that works out what credit you might qualify for and help you select the right products for you. We believe that you should only apply for products that you will get otherwise you can hurt your credit score. When someone gets a loan or card through us then we get paid some money and that is what allows us to offer the service for free. You are under no obligation to even look at offers and we never sell your details on or spam you with unwanted emails.

Our company is founded on the belief that you should be able to see your credit report and score data securely yet easily and always for free. We have become #1 way to check your credit report and score in the UK and now South Africa.

Thank you for your interest in ClearScore and I’d like to thank my team for all the huge hard work that has gone into creating the very best way to see your credit report and score in South Africa. For free. Forever. 

Justin Basini

Founder & CEO, ClearScore


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