At ClearScore, we're more than just free credit scores

At ClearScore, our goal is to help everyone take control of their money and make better financial decisions - no matter what their circumstances.

We've started this journey by giving over 12 million people access to their free credit score and report, making us the UK's Number 1 credit checking service. Changing the industry for the better is what we're all about (did we mention we're a multi-award winning sustainable business?)

But our job's not done. We’re growing rapidly and are looking for talented, ambitious people to help us scale ClearScore and make managing money easier for people around the world.

Our culture is really important to us - think team away-days, regular socials and awards ceremonies - and we’re keen to find like-minded, passionate people who will empower and challenge each other. Big fans of collaboration, we believe people do their best and most creative work in an honest and open environment.

Are you a world-class analyst? A forward-thinking designer? A developer extraordinaire? Or maybe you’re fresh out of uni but are super excited by what we’re doing here at ClearScore? If you want to change the way people think about finance, we want to hear from you.

Available Roles

Our principles

We have eight fundamental principles that lead us to behave in a unique way and deliver brilliant results.

  • We deliver

  • We lead

  • We fight

  • We fail and fix fast

  • We obsess

  • We are focused

  • We are Proud

  • We learn

Together at ClearScore

Every role matters at ClearScore. Whether you’re a meticulous analyst, a forward-thinking designer, a super developer or a marketing pro, it’s our teamwork that enables us to create our trailblazing product.

Meet the Analytics team

Our analytics team power our data-driven philosophy to deliver a truly personalised experience for users.

  • Michael


    Michael likes numbers and carbohydrates. He is trying to work out the best financial options for all ClearScore users. He needs to get out more.

  • Navin

    Head of Data Engineering

    Navin's lucky enough to run our Data Engineering team. He loves to engineer massively scalable systems (apart from when he's playing cricket - nobody stops him from playing cricket.)

Meet the Customer Operations team

Our customer operations team listen carefully to our customers, giving them the support they need to get the most out of ClearScore. They are all credit report experts.

  • Lauren

    Head of Fraud

  • Greg

    Head of Customer Operations

    Greg leads our Customer Operations team. His focus is solving customer problems and improving our processes, making sure that our users get the most out of ClearScore. He is calm, which is good.

  • Katrina

    Head of Global EQT

    Katrina is the resident Kiwi in our Customer Ops team. When she isn't solving problems, she enjoys travelling and watching rugby (go the ALL BLACKS!).

Meet the Design team

Our design team create beautiful and intuitive experiences, always keeping the user at the centre of everything they do.

  • Frank

    Head of Design and Research

    Frank manages our design team, making sure they craft delightful user experiences so that ClearScore is always a pleasure to use. When he’s not sharing design inspo, he likes to build boats.

  • Simon

    Head of UX

Meet the Marketing and Commercial team

Our marketing team are the voice of ClearScore. They create a visionary brand, and bring it to millions of users. Our commercial team manage our partnerships, get exciting new products on the site and keep ClearScore in great financial shape. 

  • Andy


    Andy works closely with our commercial partners to ensure they maximise the value of the ClearScore platform. He’s slightly obsessed with Liverpool FC, cricket and ‘hitting the plan’.

  • Alex


  • Silvia

    Head of Digital Growth

  • Charlie

    Head of Business Development

    Charlie works with our partners to help ClearScore reach everyone in the SA. He goes to important meetings and seems quite grown up.

  • Tom

    Commercial Director

    Tom works with our commercial partners to make applying for credit beautifully simple for users. He loves all sports - bonus points for American ones - and is a (secret) country music fanatic.

Meet the Technology team

Our technology team use the latest technology stack to bring our product to life and make it work beautifully. They focus on quality, innovation and scalability.

  • Klaus


    Klaus is a deep technology expert, self-confessed startup junkie and in-house property expert. He’ll defend his position in our squash league to the death. He’s the heart of our engineering.

  • Navin

    Head of Data Engineering

    Navin's lucky enough to run our Data Engineering team. He loves to engineer massively scalable systems (apart from when he's playing cricket - nobody stops him from playing cricket.)

  • Neil

    Head of Global Product Engineering

    Neil is a very talented frontend developer with many children and some facial hair, who is obsessed with lunch.

  • Tim

    Director of UK Engineering

    Tim has been in a Head of Infrastructure/DevOps role for almost 10 years. He's a keen photographer, loves mythology and is an avid fish keeper.

  • Gary

    Head of Subscriptions and Services Engineering

    Gary is the only person is his family who wasn't born in Scotland, and claims to have a castle on Loch Ness called Urquhart Castle. He also had a mohawk for 7 years.

Meet the Product team

  • Matt

    Chief Product Officer

  • Elena

    Head of Open Banking

    ClearScore helps you sort out your finances; Elena helps to sort out ClearScore. All her free time is devoted to Bulgarian folk music and hiking in mountains.

  • Dan

    Head of Global Product

    Dan's responsible for making sure our users find the right product at the right time. He was once mocked by Derren Brown live on stage for not knowing how to draw a kangaroo (he’s Australian).

Meet the People and Finance team

  • Anna

    Chief People Officer

    Anna connects ClearScore with millions of users, fulfilling our mission of helping everyone get clear on their money. When she’s not busy talking to customers she’s on yet another mini-break or doing headstands.

  • Guy


    Guy has many achievements including three children, one wife and one dog. Oh, and he’s walked to the North Pole.