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Accessibility Policy

Effective from: 16/01/2024 3 min read

Policy Purpose

ClearScore Canada Limited (”ClearScore”) is committed to respecting all individuals, including those with accessibility needs.

This policy sets out our approach for compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (”AODA”).

ClearScore is subject to the above regulations due to having employees based in Toronto, Ontario. It meets the definition of a “small organization” due to having between one and twenty employees, and is therefore not subject to all of the requirements of AODA.

This policy outlines our commitment to the sections of AODA that we are currently required to comply with, and are committed to providing an experience which removes obstacles for customers, employees, job applicants, visitors and other stakeholders.


This policy applies to all employees, processes and products of ClearScore Canada Limited.


The Compliance Team is responsible for this policy and ClearScore’s overall compliance with AODA. Employees based in Canada are responsible for compliance with this policy.


ClearScore recognises the importance of ensuring that its staff members receive training on relevant topics. All ClearScore staff members based in Canada complete e-learning on AODA and its requirements. This training is completed by new starters and must be completed by employees on an annual basis.

Staff that have the potential to interact with users with accessibility requirements receive additional training on how to deal with vulnerable users.

This ensures that all staff have the knowledge and adequate training to assist disabled individuals, and or those who require additional support.

Accessible Formats and Communication Supports

ClearScore is committed to communicating with our users in a way that is clear and understandable. This extends to users with differing communication needs, and ClearScore provides the ability for users to declare these needs when contacting us.

When users get in touch with us, we offer them the ability to declare vulnerabilities which may impact the way that we need to communicate with them. Where a user outlines a specific disability or communication requirement, we will assess the request and make reasonable adjustments to ensure we communicate with the individual in a way that is appropriate.

ClearScore will use the ‘vulnerable user escalation level’ matrix to ensure reasonable support is provided in line with the customers request. The matrix will provide indicators and signposting in line with the support which is required.

Recruitment and Employment

ClearScore aims to give all potential employees equal opportunities during the recruitment process.

In all ClearScore Canada job adverts, we outline our commitment to inclusivity and let potential applicants know that we are able to make reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process based on accessibility needs. We also let candidates know of our ability to make reasonable adjustments if they successfully progress to the interview stage.

At ClearScore we aim to allow employees to thrive, and make adjustments to allow our staff to be as productive as possible. When employees join ClearScore Canada, we make them aware of the reasonable accommodations that can be made to assist with their accessibility needs. Where an employee declares a vulnerability, we aim to make these adjustments, look to provide employee information in an accessible format, and will consider whether workplace emergency response information is required.

ClearScore also takes accessibility needs into account during performance management, career development and redeployment decisions. Clear Score is committed to accessible employment practices and to removing any barriers that prevent or hinder the career development of employees with disabilities at the Company.

Building Products at ClearScore Canada

ClearScore aims to identify, remove and prevent barriers to persons with disabilities use ClearScore Canada. We will aim to identify, remove and prevent any barriers to using our app for people with disabilities.

We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to Level AA, and ensure the content in the app and on our website is simple to understand and accessible by all.

Customer Service

ClearScore is committed to using the feedback we receive to improve the user experience. This extends to feedback from individuals with accessibility needs and feedback regarding how accessible our product is.

ClearScore has introduced a specific option during the complaints process for individuals to inform us that their query pertains to accessibility issues. Where we receive feedback or complaints regarding this, we will use this feedback to continually improve our products and service to users.

Complaints regarding accessibility issues will be escalated to a team that has received dedicated training on vulnerabilities.

ClearScore is dedicated to providing a positive and accessible experience for all users, recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the context of credit-related information and services.

ClearScore aims to promptly address accessibility concerns and continuously improve our digital platforms and customer services in alignment with AODA standards.