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Get an overview of your finances, tips to improve your score, and personalised offers. All in one place.

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Simplify life's big decisions

Your credit history can unlock a lot of doors. From accessing credit to getting a home, know where you stand with your score and report. Sign up to ClearScore and get a complete overview of your finances. And the best part? It’s free, forever.

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Boost your approval chances

Get personalised insights to improve your credit score. A better score can mean better offers – like a lower interest rate on a loan or a higher limit on a credit card. You also get coaching plans to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Apply with confidence

Discover personal loans, credit cards, car loans and home loan offers from some of Australia’s most trusted lenders. See your approval chances before you apply and compare as many offers as you like, without harming your credit score.

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See how we make finding credit easier for you

Know your identity is safe

Signing up to ClearScore gives you automatic access to Protect. We’ll look for any stolen passwords connected to your email address and keep you informed. So you can feel safe knowing your identity is protected against fraud.

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We’re Australia's #1 credit score and report app

Get a clear view of your finances

Our straightforward report helps you understand exactly where you are. And checking it will never harm your score.

Achieve your goals

Get updates about what's changed on your report and personalised insights about what's affecting your credit score so you know how to improve it.

Feel confident about applying

We search the market so you don’t have to. You can compare as many offers as you like and see what your approval chances are – all without impacting your credit score.

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We're Australia's number 1 credit score and report app

QR Code for the ClearScore App

Download the app

Available on iOS and Android

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