About us

ClearScore is a business dedicated to helping our users improve their financial wellbeing. We are now the #1 way to access your financial data, including credit report and score, and Open Banking data. We are a financial marketplace working with most financial institutions in each of our markets. We operate in the UK, South Africa, Australia and Canada and have over 17 million users and 350 amazing people in our team.

Our vision

ClearScore's vision is to help everyone, no matter what their circumstances, achieve greater financial wellbeing. We've started this journey by giving everybody access to their credit score and report for free, forever.

By combining a brand which people trust, a product which is beautiful to use, amazing technology and deep analytics, we deliver a unique experience that helps people take control of their financial future.

ClearScore's leadership

    Justin Basini

    Group Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

    A serial entrepreneur, Justin has spent his career thinking about data, privacy and finance. He now leads ClearScore, the company where it all comes together.

    Grant Foley

    Group Chief Financial Officer

    Grant looks after Finance, Legal and Regulatory matters. He has three children and an obsession with Key Performance Indicators.

    Andy Sleigh

    Chief Executive Officer, ClearScore UK

    Andy runs our ClearScore UK business, which continues to expand year on year. He's passionate about Liverpool FC, cricket, and ‘hitting the plan’.

    Klaus Thorup

    Chief Technology Officer

    Klaus is a deep technology expert, self-confessed startup junkie and the in-house property expert. He's the heart of our engineering team and he'll defend his position in our squash league to the death.

    Michael Woodburn

    Chief Data Officer

    Michael likes numbers and carbohydrates. He is trying to work out the best financial options for all ClearScore users. He needs to get out more.

    Matt Fenby-Taylor

    Chief Product Officer

    Matt helps us build amazing products for our users by making sure we do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. Outside work he enjoys tinkering with air-cooled engines and riding his bike up mountains.

    Alex O'Shaughnessy

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Alex takes care of all things marketing. With a wife, four children, a dog and a cat, he's become a master of negotiation and time management.

    Steve Smyth

    Chief International Officer & Managing Director, Australia

    Steve has worked on startups in six different countries and now leads our efforts to expand ClearScore overseas. He cherishes time spent travelling, running and with his wife and three children.

    Tom Markham

    VP Commercial

    Tom works with our commercial partners to make applying for credit beautifully simple. He loves all sports - bonus points for American ones - and is a (secret) country music fanatic.

    Louise Jones

    VP People, Performance and Potential

    Louise leads our people function, empowering ClearScorers to smash their goals. She's the proud mum of two young boys and in her free time can be found giving it her all in the nearest spin studio.

    Frank Sedivy

    Director of Design

    Frank manages our design team, making sure they craft the delightful user experiences that make ClearScore a pleasure to use. When he's not sharing design inspo, he likes to build boats.

    Sara Sheridan

    Director of Global Insight & Research

    Sara leads Insight at ClearScore and is obsessed with deepening our understanding of our users needs. She also quite likes cake, winning at scrabble and her two English Bulldogs.

    Jacqui Grimsey-Jones

    UK Marketing Director

    Jacqui heads up the UK Marketing team who make it their business to help the UK be ClearScore sure about their credit choices. She has a black cat named Betty. Hogwarts is her spiritual home.

    Neil Barton

    UK Head of Engineering

    Neil works with our technology teams to help deliver the platform that serves our millions of users. He has a weakness for new tech and is currently sulking because his four children have his gaming prowess under threat.

    Peter McLoughlin

    General Manager, South Africa

    Pete leads the ClearScore team in South Africa. A wannabe artiste and a glutton for cinema, you may spot him as an extra in the occasional feature film. He's still waiting for his Oscar.

    Lloyd Smith

    General Manager, Australia

    Lloyd is a born and bred Aussie who runs things for us in Sydney. We don't understand why he keeps complaining about the amazing weather there. He's also a self-proclaimed fanatic for sports and the latest tech.

    Tassie Milne

    General Manager, Canada

    Tassie heads up the Canada business. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and two young boys. In her free time, she can be found at the family lake house or playing ball hockey.

ClearScore's investors

Our Investors

  • Invus
  • Blenheim Chalcot
  • QED Investors
  • Lead Edge