About us

ClearScore is a business dedicated to helping our users improve their financial wellbeing. We are now the #1 way to access your financial data, including credit report and score, and Open Banking data. We are a financial marketplace working with most financial institutions in each of our markets.

We operate in the UK, South Africa, Australia and Canada and have over 20+ million users. Across the globe, we are dedicated to offering exceptional careers for our extraordinary team.

Our vision

ClearScore's vision is to help everyone, no matter what their circumstances, achieve greater financial wellbeing. We've started this journey by giving everybody access to their credit score and report for free, forever.

By combining a brand which people trust, a product which is beautiful to use, amazing technology and deep analytics, we deliver a unique experience that helps people take control of their financial future.

ClearScore's leadership

Justin Basini

Group Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur, Justin has spent his career thinking about data, privacy and finance. He now leads ClearScore, the company where it all comes together.

Brian Cole

Group Chief Financial Officer

Brian’s career in UK and US consumer finance spans roles in general management, finance and product. At ClearScore, he leads the Finance, Legal and Regulatory teams. At home, Brian loves keeping fit, driving his kids around and folding the laundry.

Louise Jones

Chief People Officer

Louise leads our people function, empowering ClearScorers to smash their goals. She’s the proud mum of two young boys and in her free time can be found giving it her all in the nearest spin studio.

Andy Sleigh

Chief Executive Officer, ClearScore UK

Andy runs our ClearScore UK business, which continues to expand year on year. He's passionate about Liverpool FC, cricket, and ‘hitting the plan’.

Michael Woodburn

Chief Data Officer

Michael likes numbers and carbohydrates. He’s always trying to work out the best financial options for all of ClearScore’s users. He needs to get out more.

Klaus Thorup

Chief Technology Officer

Klaus is a deep tech maestro, self-confessed startup junkie and the in-house property expert. He’s the heart of our engineering team and he’ll defend his position in our squash league to the death.

Mark Reid

Chief Architect

Mark’s been in software architecture for nearly 20 years; now he’s ensuring that ClearScore's architecture will serve our users for the next 20. When he's not drawing boxes and lines, he's usually cycling, reading or chasing his whippets around the park.

Yolanda Martin

VP Design

Yolanda leads our design team, infusing ClearScore with the joyful user experiences that make it both an efficient tool and a pleasure to use. She’s a design nerd and loves shoes and tattoos in equal measure.

Tom Markham

VP Commercial

Tom works with our commercial partners to make applying for credit beautifully simple. He loves all sports - bonus points for American ones - and is a (secret) country music fanatic.

Andrew Hooks

VP Car Finance and Car Insurance

Andrew looks after all things cars for both ClearScore and DriveScore. Unsurprisingly, he's a big fan of anything with wheels and and an engine... And an even bigger fan of Plymouth Argyle FC.

Vera Mehta

Senior Director of Engineering

Vera’s all about promoting cross-functional and agile working, as well as making sure everyone finds their place at ClearScore. When she isn’t working, Vera can be found teaching Peanut (her dog) superhero skills.

Tim Kelleway

Director, D•One

Tim heads up D•One, our B2B Open Banking services business. When he’s not helping lenders harness the power of alternative data, he's probably at a gig watching some early 90s shoegaze music. (Nope, we don't know what that is either).

Sara Sheridan

Director of Data & Insights

Sara leads Insight at ClearScore and is obsessed with deepening our understanding of our users’ needs. She also quite likes cake, winning at scrabble and her two English Bulldogs.

Vicki Fraser

UK Director of Product

Vicki supports our ClearScore UK product teams in building outstanding experiences for our users. Outside work she can be found running around after her kids, playing the clarinet (not always well) and making the most of living in Edinburgh.

Elisabeth Forseth

UK CRM Director

Elisabeth is our CRM Director, focusing on all things customer retention and loyalty. Originally from Sweden, she loves salty liquorice and meatballs (although not together) and outside of work her twin girls keep her on her toes.

Neil Barton

Distinguished Engineer

Neil works with our technology teams to help deliver the platform that serves our millions of users. He has a weakness for new tech and is currently sulking because his four children have his gaming prowess under threat.

Tassie Milne

General Manager, Canada

Tassie heads up the Canada business. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and two young boys. In her free time, she can be found at the family lake house or playing ball hockey.

Peter McLoughlin

General Manager, South Africa

Pete leads the ClearScore team in South Africa. A wannabe artiste and a glutton for cinema, you may spot him as an extra in the occasional feature film. He’s still waiting for his Oscar.

Lloyd King

Head of Financial Planning and Analysis

Lloyd looks after our finances and is our in-house Excel wizard. When he's not running the numbers for ClearScore, he's running rings around the opposition in his 5-a-side league.

Maz Boulos

Head of People

Maz’s priority is enabling ClearScorers to bring their best to each other and to our users. She treasures family time and isn’t adverse to chasing early morning HIIT endorphins before work.

ClearScore's investors

  • Invus
  • Blenheim Chalcot
  • QED Investors
  • Lead Edge