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Whiteboard Session
Make things, fix things & break things
We’ll give you the freedom to explore new technology and craft beautiful experiences to build something that truly benefits the end user. We’ve created unique ways of working across the business to support maximum innovation, quality of delivery and learning opportunities for our team.
Engineering whiteboard session

How Engineering work

We hire smart, passionate people who are inspired by what we do. We give everyone the opportunity to bring in their expertise and run with it; trusting them to experiment and make an impact their own way. Failure is an important part of our process. It’s a sign that we’re trying something new, that we’re looking outwards to what’s next.

Maximise learning

To maximise learning, we use a combination of our own training modules (known as ClearScore University), our internal tech hub, communities, mentoring, buddy systems, brown bags and demos.

Frequent releases

We use automated technologies to work smart and work hard, aiming to minimise the time between submitting code and reaching our users.

Remove legacy

We constantly review legacy from our systems so our tech stack is always on the bleeding edge. We push ourselves to find new ways of doing things.

In my team, designers and developers work really closely together

Hear from Clara in our tech team


Our people matter. Hear from some of our tech experts on why they chose to come to—and stay at—ClearScore.

  • It's a place where you get to solve real problems

    It's a place where you get to solve real problems

    Read Peter's story

  • I get to work on a product that I'm truly proud of

    I get to work on a product that I'm truly proud of

    Read Lydia’s story

  • Myself and my team are truly treated as experts in our field

    Myself and my team are truly treated as experts in our field

    Read Peter's story

Design whiteboard session

How Design work

Our design teams balance beauty with functionality. We're a data-informed team, obsessed with anticipating users' needs and producing meaningful user experiences. We interrogate decisions and push ourselves to craft beautiful and intuitive journeys, holding regular design critiques and championing an open feedback culture.

User first

Everything we design and every decision we make is with the user in mind. Our multidisciplinary design teams give attention to each stage and aspect of the user’s journey.

Systems approach

Our design teams work with and maintain multiple component libraries, allowing them to produce beautiful experiences intuitively and efficiently.


We don’t work in isolation. Our designers collaborate with teams across ClearScore to produce creative and seamless customer solutions.

Experience a new way of working
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