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Shed some light on it

Your identity could be at risk. Keep it protected

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  • Data breaches are on the rise

    If a company gets hacked, your personal information could be leaked on the dark web without you knowing.

  • Identity fraud costs time and money

    Victims of fraud can spend months restoring their identity, and may not always recover the money stolen.

  • Stolen data is sold on the dark web

    Fraudsters trade and sell personal information on dark web markets, and use the details to commit identity fraud.

  • It could happen to you

    The 2022 Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report found that one in five New Zealand adults surveyed have experienced identity theft.

How ClearScore Protect works

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Sign up in just 2 minutes to get your free ID monitoring and quarterly dark web scan

We've partnered with cyber security experts who search the dark web for stolen data and save it in a secure database.
three months
we’ll scan this database for stolen passwords associated with your email address.
If we find anything, we’ll let you know so you can change your
and take control.
You’ll also get personalised
Security Tips
to help you keep your online identity safer.
Your security score shows how you’re getting on. We calculate your Protect security score based on your digital footprint and how well you’re doing at addressing actions we’ve highlighted to you, such as breach alerts and security tips.
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Frequently asked questions

  • Is it safe?

    Yes. We scan the dark web securely and privately without revealing any of your data, and none of your data is ever passed to third parties or the dark web.

  • What does it mean if my password is on the dark web?

    Criminals may use it to try to hack into your accounts. They could then use your details to apply for financial products in your name or commit other types of fraud.

  • What should I do if my password has been stolen?

    Take action and change your password. ClearScore Protect will guide you through this and give you helpful security tips to keep your identity safe.

  • How do I get ClearScore Protect?

    To access ClearScore Protect, you'll need a ClearScore account. You can sign up for free in 2 minutes.

Your data is in your hands

We created ClearScore protect to arm you with tools to check that your financial data is secure. We have teamed up with cyber security experts who monitor the dark web for criminal activity and search for stolen data such as usernames and passwords. They are collecting more and more information every day - currently their secure database has over 41 billion data points in it. If we find a match to your account, we will alert you so you can take action. Helping you fight back against this crisis.

ClearScore Protect: protecting your identity, for free, forever