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Why is ClearScore free?

We explain how we're able to show your free credit score and report and our promise to never charge you for our service.

01 February 2017Anna Kilmurray 1 min read
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Check your credit score today

See your credit score in minutes. It’s free, forever.

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Why? Because to us, it just didn’t feel right that you would have to pay to see your credit history. After all, this is your data, and your information, and you should be able to see it whenever you like.

You might be wondering how we’re able to provide this service for free.

Through the ‘Offers’ section of ClearScore, we connect our customers with financial products, based on each person’s individual credit history. That could be credit cards or loans (watch this space for more options). For every customer who applies through their ClearScore for a financial product and gets approved, we are paid a commission by the provider.

Products are presented according to which is best for you.

Unlike many comparison sites, ClearScore does not order products according to how much commission we are paid by the provider. This is central to our promise to connect you with products that are best for you. Our calculations in the background take into account your personal credit history and what type of borrower you are, to show you personalised recommendations.

See your offers on ClearScore. Remember, checking your offers on ClearScore will never affect your credit score.

You’re welcome to keep using our service for a lifetime and never take out an offer.

We certainly don’t expect all of our customers to use ClearScore to apply for financial products. But the percentage who do help us to keep doing what we do best.

You can rest assured we will never sell your data to a third party to make money, because, well, we don’t need or want to. We want to be a transparent and honest company, here to help you make the best financial decisions. And that’s why you can trust us to keep our service free, forever.

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Written by Anna Kilmurray

Chief People Officer

Anna connects ClearScore with millions of users, fulfilling our mission of helping everyone get clear on their money. When she’s not busy talking to customers she’s on yet another mini-break or doing headstands.