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The UK’s #1 Credit Score and Report App


ClearScore’s claim to be the UK’s #1 Credit Score and Report App is based on an analysis using estimates from mobile and digital benchmarking company (formerly App Annie). The analysis uses data from 2023 which assesses the average monthly active users against the other credit score and report apps in the UK. is an independent Unified Data AI platform that brings together consumer data and market estimates. The company launched in 2010 and uses analytics to provide consumer insights (such as app store download, app usage and revenue estimates) to the industry. They have become a market leader and work with over 1400 corporate customers including Pintrest, United Airlines and Linkedin.

Why the results are robust generates its mobile market estimates using machine learning algorithms and other data science tools, which ingest information from major app stores, in-app analytics, proprietary consumer panels, publicly reported data, and other sources. provides estimates on a multitude of mobile app performance metrics, including the volume of downloads, usage, revenue and engagement metrics.

The UK’s #1 Credit Score and Report App

ClearScore has identified the main competitors in the UK Credit Score and Report App industry, and has completed an analysis using estimates from Using data spanning from 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2023, ClearScore has significantly higher estimated monthly active users than these competitors. Whilst the data used to substantiate the claim is based on estimates, the difference in monthly active users is so significant that the above claim can be substantiated using this data.

Competitors included: Credit Karma, Experian, MoneySuperMarket and Totally Money.

Source: Intelligence. Monthly active user data based on iOS & Android combined.

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