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At ClearScore, we're more than just free credit scores

Our goal is to help millions of people take control of their money and make better financial decisions.

We're early in our journey, but there's already a huge amount to be proud of. Within 12 months of launching ClearScore, we’ve built a multi-award winning, sustainable business and a product used and loved by millions. We've changed the industry for the better, and become the UK's Number 1 credit checking service.

And we're just getting started. We're looking for high potential, talented people to help us scale ClearScore and fulfil the incredible opportunity we have on our hands.

Our principles

We have eight fundamental principles that lead us to behave in a unique way and deliver brilliant results.

We deliver

We lead

We fight

We are disciplined

We are proud

We obsess

We fail & fix fast

We are focused

Together at ClearScore

Every role matters at ClearScore. Whether you’re a meticulous analyst, a forward-thinking designer, a super developer or a marketing pro, it’s our teamwork that enables us to create our trailblazing product.

Meet the team


Co-founder and CEO

Justin spent a long time thinking about data, privacy and finances. It all comes together in ClearScore. Justin is a bit bossy.



Klaus is a deep technology expert having worked for some of the biggest names in gaming. He’s the heart of our engineering.



Anna connects ClearScore with millions of users, fulfilling our mission of helping everyone get clear on their money.  When she’s not busy talking to customers she’s on yet another mini-break or doing headstands.



Guy has many achievements including three children, one wife and one dog. Oh, and he’s walked to the North Pole.



Andy works closely with our commercial partners to ensure they maximise the value of the ClearScore platform. He’s slightly obsessed with data, and Liverpool FC and cricket.  


Head of Design

Frank crafts delightful user experiences. By keeping our users at the centre of everything we build, he makes sure that ClearScore is always a pleasure to use.


Developer Lead

Antony is our Front End Lead with a wealth of experience in technologies that visualise server data. He crafts ClearScore with love every day.


Developer Lead

Neil is a very talented front end developer with many children and some facial hair, who is obsessed with lunch.


Product Analyst

Ola is a multi-talented analyst who cycles and bakes delicious Polish cakes. She loves nothing more than gathering requirements and creating Jira tickets. 


Analytics Lead

Bruce has worked as a back-end Java developer for several investment banks and start-ups. He loves food of many colours but not often together.


Test Lead

Paul has hirsute experience testing web payment and security products. His experience testing large scale products ensures ClearScore works as expected.


Head of Customer Operations

Greg leads our Customer Operations team. His focus is solving customer problems and improving our processes, making sure that our users get the most out of ClearScore. He is calm, which is good.


Customer Operations Lead

Tegan is our original Kiwi. When she's not delighting customers she can be found with a cup of tea or eating all the chocolate in the office (and hiding the evidence). 


People Co-ordinator

It's a good thing Lily is a people person, as she looks after everyone in the company! Guiding them from their very first day, she makes sure that everyone at ClearScore is performing to the very best of their ability.


Business Development Manager

Charlie works with our partners to help ClearScore reach everyone in the UK. He goes to important meetings and seems quite grown up.


Marketing Executive

Lucy is a grammar nerd who writes beautiful copy for our website and our Coaching plans. She is exceptionally funny. 


Customer Operations Lead

Katrina is Kiwi and loves rugby. Her role involves solving customer queries and ensuring our customers receive a delightful experience.


Head of CRM

Lauren likes spreading the word about ClearScore, making sure our customers are always in the know. She’s also great at making toast.


Culture & Environment

Crystan is at the heart of our culture and ensures that our team is happy. She's the momager of the team and gives Justin a run for his money in "assertiveness". She's from Cape Town so loves a good mountain.


Developer Lead

Navin is a general all round geek with over eight years’ experience in the Java world. He has worked across a range of open source projects such as Red Hat.


Test Engineer

Giuseppe is a tester who enjoys the fast paced, all-action ClearScore environment. In his free time, he enjoys playing football, DJing and pub lunches. The perfect ClearScore combo.


UX Designer

Arooj trained as an Industrial Designer but found her way to User Experience Design. She focuses on user centred design to create meaningful experiences for ClearScores users. 


UX Designer and Developer

Seb’s background is in Graphic Design and Architecture, the perfect combination for creating beautiful and user-friendly designs. He also loves to tear up the slopes on his snowboard when he gets the chance.


UI Designer

Fabio has strong experience in graphic design and makes sure that ClearScore's design is simple and well balanced. He's originally from Sicily, so we feel very lucky that he decided to move to London. 

Matt W.

Front End Developer

When he's not getting excited about new and shiny things in JavaScript, Matt is usually found reading about tech and failing to grow his own vegetables. Likes cake. 


Customer Operations Agent

Anisha speaks fluent Spanish and delights our customers by email and on social media every day. She likes boxing and baking (not at the same time).


Customer Operations Agent

Rhea loves makeup and reading, and also has fantastic taste in music. She's currently learning French (très bien). 


Business Development Manager

Gideon helps to grow our business by connecting us with our partners. Can sometimes be found wearing fairy wings (but usually not to meetings). 


Test Engineer

Lizzy studied Film before moving into testing. She likes Hitchcock films and exploring London (mainly by eating). 


UI Designer

Sity taught herself coding in a campervan while travelling in Central America. She is a self-proclaimed tech hippie who likes Frida Kahlo, yoga and surfing badly.


Customer Operations Agent

Courtenay's from New Zealand. She's very proud of her heritage and loves travelling, fencing and rock climbing.

Lauren C.

Customer Operations Agent

Lauren is a keen traveller who has lived in Australia, Saudi Arabia and the UK. She has a passion for helping people and loves dogs (including our office dog Molly). 


Customer Operations Agent

Bianca is a Kiwi who has lived in Australia and the equally exotic West Yorkshire. She loves Pinterest, making jewellery and Op shops (Kiwi for charity shop!)


Front End Developer

Natalia is a latte lover and baking enthusiast. When not in the office building excellence, she likes travelling down beaten and unbeaten paths with an Instagram camera on standby. 


Senior Developer

Adam graduated from Imperial in 2012 and has been a Java and coffee addict ever since. He spends his time doing integrations with third parties, having spirited discussions and drinking coffee/beer/whatever is free in the office. 


Platform Architect

Not only is Michal a talented achitect — he's also a skipper, guitarist, pianist and clarinettist. But his favourite thing is reading. 


DevOps Engineer

Miguel is our seasoned DevOps Engineer who has worked at Masabi, Hive and Powa Technologies. He speaks Portuguese, French, Spanish and expresses his love for AWS in every language.


Project Manager

ClearScore helps you sort out your finances; Elena helps to sort out ClearScore. All her free time is devoted to Bulgarian folk music and hiking in mountains.  


Product Manager

Pete is the Product Manager for our Mobile team. He has four siblings, one man bun, and a battered old Toyota Yaris he drove to Mongolia.


Head of Global Operations

Tim has been in a Head of Infrastructure/DevOps role for almost 10 years. He's a keen photographer, loves mythology and is an avid fish keeper.  


Content Producer

Hannah's spent the last 7 years working in TV production, which means she knows how to produce brilliant content. Originally from Sheffield, she loves any conversation that involves the North and is famous for her tea-making skills. 


Junior UI Designer

Inaki is from Alicante and used to work in advertising. He loves small things, and moves vectors every day.


Customer Operations Agent

Before Iga joined our Customer Operations team, she was a blogger and travelled as a foreign exchange student. She likes jasmine in her green tea.


Customer Engagement Analyst

As well as being an integral part of the ClearScore football team, Rob spends his time optimising our communications campaigns and analysing customer feedback. He's also a bit of a geek. 


Advertising Acquisition Manager

Sam aims to make beautiful advertising to attract new customers to ClearScore. If you ever see a reference to football in our TV ads, that’s his fault.


Analytics Developer

Josh is an analyst, Java developer and occasional philosopher. 


DevOps Engineer

Andre is a passionate technology geek with over 15 years' experience as a System Integration Engineer. In his spare time, he likes to play with digital music equipment as well as remote control cars and planes.


Analytics Developer

Gabriele works in the analytics team as a Java developer. His family have a farm in Italy (meaning fresh olives for us!).



Aidan previously worked in Winchester as an investment analyst. He spends most of his free time cooking and playing the piano, and particularly enjoys dumplings. 


Customer Operations Agent

Ayden is South African and used to work at the Cereal Killer cafe in Shoreditch, which means we may have found someone who loves cereal even more than Neil.


Customer Operations Agent

Lovelina majored in Economics and loves cooking, shopping and solving riddles. Her motto is 'learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow'. 


Head of Strategic Projects

Shafali was born in Kuwait, grew up in Singapore and spent 8 years in New York. Fun fact: she played squash for the national Singapore team (and now plays against Klaus). 


Senior DevOps Engineer

Barry is very talented at both DevOps and baking (both are highly appreciated). He once went to Denmark by accident. 



Sophie is a talented analyst who makes great brownies. She does a surprising amount of sports, including long-distance running. 


Digital Acquisition Specialist

Mitch may or may not be the tallest person at ClearScore. He's from the west country and is keen on food of all kinds. 


Senior Android Developer

Marcin Lament is a Senior Android Developer with a genuine passion for mobile app development and creative problem solving. When not coding, he can be found traveling, reading books and spending time with his family and friends.


Customer Operations Agent

Priya is the Ferrari of our Indian team — she works fast and talks even faster. She might steal your chocolate. 


Customer Operations Agent

Nazima is the self-appointed comedian of the Prime team. She loves Harry Potter and cycling. 


Senior Test Engineer

Dan works with QA. He tests many things, including the capacity of the beer fridge.


Junior Designer

Georgina is a recent graduate who aims to create a great user experience for our customers. She also loves drinking tea and playing the cello.


Senior Test Engineer

Gary is the only person is his family who wasn't born in Scotland, and claims to have a castle on Loch Ness called Urquhart Castle. He also had a mohawk for 7 years. 


Front End Developer

Kieren is a multi-talented developer who bakes delicious cakes, rows for Twickenham Rowing Club and is a grade 8 pianist. 


Customer Operations Agent

Maisey has studied psychology and literature and loves to read and write. She's great at writing bios, especially for other people. 


Customer Operations Agent

Neha has a post-graduate degree in Business Administration and six years' work experience in the service industry. She likes reading, travelling, adventure and food.


Email Marketer

Donatella works in our CRM team. She's a globe-trotting dog-lover who had 15 German Shepherds growing up. She also speaks 4 languages. 

Hannah S.

Content Marketing

Hannah is an Oxford grad who now writes brilliant articles (and responds to Moose's fan mail). She once climbed a mountain in the Himalayas. 


Customer Operations Agent

Khushboo buys chocolate for Priya to steal. When she's not looking after our customers, you'll find her in the gym. She loves the gym. 


Software Engineer

Harry is interested in programming, artificial intelligence and electronic music. He also loves food, especially Vietnamese. 


Customer Operations Agent

Holida has more than 6 years' experience in customer service. She likes to write poetry, act, dance and cook. 


Mobile Developer

Jose loves to challenge himself with complex UI while trying to keep designers happy. As an iOS developer, his duty is to blame Android. 


Customer Operations Agent

Queenie loves to explore new places. She might just be the sweetest person you'll ever meet. 


Legal and Compliance Lead

Pedro speaks 4 languages and has been studying Korean for 2 years. He also plays the guitar and piano (talk about multi-talented). 

Dan McEvoy


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