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We work with market-leading credit providers to bring you great deals on balance transfer cards, purchase cards and reward cards. We frequently show you updated offers from top credit card providers, including Capital One, MBNA, Virgin Money, HSBC and Santander.

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Falling credit cards
Falling credit cards

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Which type of credit card works for you?


0% balance transfer card

This type of card lets you slash the interest on your existing credit card balance. You can move your balance over to a 0% balance transfer card and pay no interest at all for a fixed period. Bear in mind you may be charged a one-off transfer fee.


Credit builder card

If you’ve never used credit before or you’ve missed payments in the past, your credit score might be lower than you’d like. A credit builder card can help you to build up your credit history. As long as you keep up with your repayments, this type of card can help to improve your credit score over time.


0% purchase card

When you have plans to make a big purchase, you can use a 0% purchase card to spread out the cost without paying interest. As long as you pay off the balance on the card before you come to the end of the initial 0% period, you can enjoy no interest on your purchases.


Reward card

A reward credit card works just like any other credit card, except that you earn points or cashback every time you use it. The more you use your credit card, the more points or cashback you’ll collect. Depending on which card you choose, you can use your points to pay for flights, hotel stays, petrol or your shopping.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for a credit card with a bad credit score?

Yes, you can apply for a credit card if you have a bad credit score, but lenders may offer you a higher interest rate or could reject your application. You could take out a credit builder card to build your credit history and improve your score.

How does ClearScore work?

When you sign up to ClearScore you can see your credit score and credit report for free. We work with the UK’s top credit card providers to offer our users market-leading deals on credit cards. We may receive a commission if you take out a product with a lender. Find out more here.

Can I get a credit card if I don’t have a credit score?

If you don’t have a credit score, you can take out a credit builder card to build your credit history. This type of credit card is aimed at people who need to build their credit history from scratch.

Does ClearScore have exclusive offers on credit cards?

Yes, we have established partnerships with some of the UK’s top credit card providers and some of the deals we offer are exclusive to ClearScore customers. These are shown as ‘Exclusive' in your Offers panel.

Does checking credit card offers harm my credit score?

Checking your credit card offers on ClearScore will never harm your credit score. You can compare your credit card deals in your Offers panel as often as you like without affecting your score.

Which partners does ClearScore work with?

We bring you market-leading offers from a variety of lenders, including Capital One, MBNA, Virgin Money, HSBC and Santander.