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What’s a balance transfer credit card?

It’s for transferring your existing credit card balance

Balance transfer cards let you transfer your existing credit card debt onto the new one.

They usually come with 0% interest periods

The 0% interest period means you won’t start building up interest on any of the balance you carry over. It can last anywhere between 6 months and 2 years.

You might be able to use them for other types of debt

Balance transfer cards are usually meant for credit card debt, but depending on the provider, you might also use them for other types of debt.

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How to transfer a credit card balance

You can transfer your credit card balance in a few easy steps.

Tell the new lender you want to transfer the balance

You can usually do this online by logging into your bank account. Some lenders will charge you a fee for the transfer.

Wait for the transfer

It should take a couple of days. Keep an eye on your existing payment schedule in case you need to make a repayment while you wait.

Start paying off your balance

When the transfer is complete, you can start paying off the balance in line with the new terms.

Remember – you still need to make the minimum monthly repayments and keep an eye on the 0% interest period. When it ends, you’ll need to pay interest on any balance you carry over month to month.

Read our step by step guide to transfering a balance.

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The different types of balance transfer card

There are a few different types of balance transfer cards out there – find the right one for you.

0% interest balance transfer

These cards come with 0% interest periods. That means if you carry over the balance to the next month, you won’t be charged interest.

No-fee balance transfer

This means the lender won’t charge you money to transfer your existing credit card debt onto the new card.

Balance transfer and purchase cards

These cards let you transfer your balance and continue to make purchases, usually at a low interest rate.

The application process

You can apply for a balance transfer card in the same way you’d apply for any credit card.

Compare your offers

The offers you’ll see are tailored to you. We’ll ask you for some information to understand what you’re looking for and show you the balance transfer credit cards you’re likely to be eligible for.

Look for the Triple Lock Guarantee

If you see 3 green ticks, it means your offer is pre-approved, and comes with a locked-in credit limit and interest rate. Helping you plan ahead and take control of your finances.*

Apply for your credit card

We’ll show your approval chances when you search for a credit card – saving you time and effort.

You might have to give the lender some more information and then they’ll carry out a hard search against your credit history.

Wait for your card to arrive

If you’re approved, it shouldn’t take long to get your card in the post. You’ll be able to use your new credit card as soon as you activate it.

*Pre-approval doesn’t always guarantee acceptance and is subject to lenders’ checks of your credit status.

Things to remember before getting a balance transfer card

When the 0% interest period ends

As soon as the 0% interest period is over, you’ll need to start paying interest on any balance you carry over on a monthly basis.

What the balance transfer fee is

Some cards will come with a transfer fee. Work out if the amount you’ll save on interest is more than the amount you’d pay with the balance transfer fee.

That the 0% interest period is subject to terms

Missing a payment or making a late payment can mean losing the promotional offer. If that happens, you’ll need to start paying interest.

See how much you could save with our balance transfer calculator.

Some of the balance transfer card info you see on ClearScore

The benefits of balance transfer cards

Balance transfer credit cards can be a great way to consolidate your credit card debt.

0% interest periods can give you more time to repay what you owe – and you’ll save on interest.

The new card could come with better terms – and you could switch to it permanently.

The risks of balance transfer cards

There are a few risks to think about before choosing a balance transfer card.

There might be a transfer fee, so understand how much you’ll need to repay in total.

The interest rates can be high after the 0% interest period ends.

If you can’t make the minimum repayments, you risk losing the promotional 0% interest offer.

Getting a balance transfer card with a bad credit score

If you have a bad or low credit score, you could still get a balance transfer card. You might be offered a lower credit limit and the 0% interest period might not be as good.

But, at ClearScore, we work with lenders who specialise in helping you find the best credit card for your score.

Find out more about credit cards for bad credit.

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Frequently asked questions

Other types of available credit cards

There are lots of credit cards out there – it’s important to find the right one for you.

0% interest credit cards

A 0% interest credit card lets you press pause on paying interest. That means you can use it for something like your everyday spending or to do a balance transfer, without paying the interest on the balance you carry over every month.

Purchase cards

Purchase cards are designed for large purchases. You’ll be able to spread the cost over a few months – and the 0% interest period means you could save money on interest.

Rewards cards

Rewards credit cards let you earn things like cashback, points or air miles when you make certain transactions. The interest rates can be high and some rewards cards also come with a monthly or annual fee.

Credit builder cards

Credit builder cards help you build your credit score. The interest rates can be high and the credit limit low, but you could see your score improve if you keep up with the monthly repayments.

Credit cards for bad credit

Credit cards for bad credit are designed for people who have a bad credit score or a poor repayment history and usually comes with a low credit limit or high interest rates.

Travel cards

Travel credit cards mean you either won’t be charged for using your card abroad, or the fees will be low.