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Callum's story

Hannah Patnick
21 December 2017

This summer we travelled to North Wiltshire to meet 23-year-old Callum. Here, Callum shares his story about how he's managed to turn his finances around.

Callum, a school laboratory technician, moved out of his parents’ home at the age of 18. Just like a lot of people his age, Callum was new to the world of lending and admits he was still quite immature when it came to money. In order to fund his rent and new found independence, he decided to borrow some money on credit.

He took out several credit cards but by his own admission, he “made the error of thinking it was free money”. He maxed all of the cards and found himself heading into more debt than he could handle. He started to use payday loans to pay the late fees on his credit cards, then used the cards to pay off the payday loans.

We spoke to Callum about his journey and how using ClearScore helped him get his finances back on track.

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by Hannah Patnick

In her previous life Hannah was a consumer journalist making primetime television shows. Now she's ClearScore's Content Producer. Amongst her many talents, Hannah is famed for her excellent tea-making skills.

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