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Introducing Triple Lock. Your key to credit confidence.

Introducing our brand new Triple Lock guarantee: guaranteed interest rates, guaranteed credit limits and pre-approved offers all rolled into one. So what you see is what you get.

10 May 2023Jade Harvey 2 min read
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See your Triple Lock offers

Get your free credit score, report and Triple Lock offers on ClearScore.

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We were the first in the world to give you your credit score and report for free, forever.

Now, we’re going beyond credit scores and reports to help you feel clearer and more confident about your finances. Because we don’t just want you to be sure – we want you to be ClearScore sure.

Enter Triple Lock.

When you apply for credit, the offer you see isn’t necessarily the offer you get. You could be approved for a credit card or loan only to find the amount you can borrow is less than you were shown and the interest rate much higher.

Whether you’re looking to borrow money for something special or want to make sure you’re covered at the end of the month, our Triple Lock guarantee gives you the security of knowing that you won’t face any unexpected changes.

That means:

  1. Guaranteed credit limit – know the maximum amount you can borrow on a credit card or loan before you apply.

  2. Guaranteed interest rate – secure the interest rate on your credit card or loan so you know exactly what rate you’ll get if you decide to move forward with your application.

  3. Pre-approval* – we’ll tell you if you’re pre-approved, so you won’t have to worry about your application being rejected and your credit score going down.

*We show pre-approved products in your offers with a green tick. This means that if all the details you've given us are correct and subject to additional lender checks, you'll be able to take out the product.

You might get Triple Lock offers automatically, depending on your credit score and report.

We’ll use your credit report to find Triple Lock offers that’re right for you. So, whenever you see an offer that’s Triple Lock guaranteed, you can be sure the credit limit and interest rate you see is the one you’ll get.

The higher your credit score the more likely you are to be accepted for a loan or credit card. And you’re also more likely to get better rates and a higher credit limit.

Triple Lock offers aren’t just for people with a high credit score. If your score is on the way up, there could still be a Triple Lock offer for you.

All you have to do is link your ClearScore account to your bank account to access your Triple Lock offers. Looking at your income and spending lets us personalise your offers and find you better deals that could save you money.

Linking your bank account is completely safe and secure, and you can opt out at any time.

We’ve helped more than 19 million people take control of their finances and get on in life.

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Written by Jade Harvey


Having worked as a financial copywriter for the past several years, Jade is dedicated to helping you feel clear, calm and confident about your credit choices.