Don't wait for better rates

Activate ClearSaver

What is ClearSaver and how can it save you money?

We explain how ClearScore’s new ClearSaver can help you save money and protect yourself from the rising cost of living.

15 May 2023Jade Harvey 1 min read
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Don't wait for better rates

Activate ClearSaver

When you activate ClearSaver by linking your current account, you give lenders a clearer picture of how you manage your income and spending – this means they can give you exclusive offers that could save you money.

It’s quick and easy, and you could even be pre-approved*, so you can feel confident about your chance of approval before you apply. Just like your credit score and report, it’s free, forever, and won’t affect your score.

No, activating ClearSaver doesn’t affect your credit score. But if you apply for a credit card, loan or car finance offer on ClearScore (even if you haven’t activated ClearSaver), then this could affect your credit score.

When you link your current account, this lets lenders see how you manage your everyday spending. If lenders see that you manage your income and spending well, they’ll have more confidence that you’ll pay back what you borrow. This means you could get instant access to credit card and loan offers.

Connecting a current account is completely safe and secure. When you give your permission, lenders only see what’s in the account – it doesn’t let them move money or make any other changes.

Plus, you can unlink your account any time.

The lenders on ClearScore all use different information to decide whether to offer you certain rates or products. If the information from a user's current account or their credit score and report doesn’t fit their criteria, the lender might not offer you better rates or products.

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Written by Jade Harvey


Having worked as a financial copywriter for the past several years, Jade is dedicated to helping you feel clear, calm and confident about your credit choices.