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The new ClearScore: what's changed and how will it help you?

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The new ClearScore: what's changed?

The brand-new ClearScore is here. It’s better than ever. Still free, forever. Our new features work together to help you feel ClearScore sure about your credit choices. So you can feel even more confident that you're choosing credit offers that are right for you.

So, what’s new?

A new, easy-to-understand credit score

We’ve made it easier to understand what affects your score, so you can feel more sure about what you need to do to improve it. Whether you’re on the way up or soaring high, the insights we send you in your weekly report tell you exactly what’s making your score move. So that you can take easy-to-action steps to help you maintain or grow your score.

Our new Affordability Score

You wanted to feel more certain of getting a ‘yes’ when you apply for credit. So we created our new Affordability Score, to help you know where you stand and get the widest range of offers right for you.

This works together with your credit score to see how you’ll repay in the future. It does this by looking at your income and everyday spending, not just your credit history (e.g. missed payments). So while your credit score looks at the past, your Affordability Score paints a picture of the future.

We'll work out your Affordability Score when you link your bank accounts to your ClearScore accounts. It’s completely safe and secure, and you can unlink at any time.

A weekly credit report

You wanted more regular updates. So we send you your full credit report every week. You also get detailed insights into what's affecting your score, plus easy-to-action steps designed to help you move on up.

What the new ClearScore means for you

The new ClearScore tells you exactly where you stand when it comes to credit. Because a better score means better offers that could save you money.

Log in or sign up to get your full credit score and report, plus personalised offers that take your circumstances into account. It's free and always will be.

What's new?

  1. An easy-to-understand credit score
  2. Our Affordability Score
  3. Weekly credit reports

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