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Why is ClearScore free?

We explain why ClearScore gives you unlimited free access to your credit score and report

10 February 2017Anne Marie Greig 1 min read

Check your credit score today

See your credit score in minutes. It’s free, forever.

See your score

When we started ClearScore, we said that it had to be free, forever.

Why? Because to us, it just didn’t feel right that you would have to pay to see your credit history. After all, this is your data, and your information, and you should be able to see it whenever you like.

You might be wondering how we’re able to provide this service for free...

Through the ‘Offers’ section of ClearScore, we connect our users with financial products, based on each person’s individual credit history.

Those products could be credit cards, loans, car finance, mortgages, energy – and even current or savings accounts. For every person who applies for a product through ClearScore and gets approved, we are paid a commission by the provider.

You’ll see offers in order of what may be most relevant for you

We don’t order your search results based on how much commission we’re paid by the provider. This is central to our promise to help you choose the right product for your situation.

Instead, we’ll look at your personal credit history using information we get from Experian. If you’ve linked your bank account, we’ll also use Open Banking information to get a well-rounded picture of you as a borrower.

Then we’ll show you personalised offers – together with your chance of being accepted.

You’re welcome to keep using our service for a lifetime and never take out an offer

We certainly don’t expect everyone that uses ClearScore to apply for credit cards, loans or finance through us. But the percentage who do, help us to keep doing what we do best.

You can rest assured that we’ll never sell your personal data to a third party to make money. Quite simply: we don’t need or want to. We want to be a transparent and honest company, here to help you make the best financial decisions.

And that’s why you can trust us to keep our service free, forever.

Written by Anne Marie Greig

Lead Content Designer