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Why search for a savings account on ClearScore?

Choose from easy-access and fixed-rate options

Whether you want to dip into your savings or lock them away, you can save in the way that works for you.

Compare benefits and interest rates

See the benefits and interest rates before you apply. Everything you need – all in one place.

Find a savings account in seconds

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The different types of savings accounts


You can take money out when you like, usually without any restrictions or fees. The interest rate tends to be lower than a fixed-term or cash ISA, but you can access your money whenever you need it.


You’d need to leave your money in the account for a set period (usually between 1 and 5 years). And in return for keeping your money in the account, you’ll usually get a higher interest rate.

The benefits of savings accounts

Savings accounts mean making the most of your money.

Each year, you’ll boost your savings by building up interest.

The different types of account can give you the flexibility to save in a way that works for you.

Your savings (up to £85,000) are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

How to choose a savings account

Set your goal

Maybe you want to put some savings away but access the money in an emergency. Or, maybe you have a pot of money you never touch.

Know how you’ll use the money

Easy-access could be right for you if you want to access your money when you like. Or, a fixed-term could be the one if you’re happy leaving your money in the account for a period of time.

Check the interest rates

The higher the interest, the more you’ll boost your savings.

Consider all these factors carefully to make an informed decision and take a step closer to achieving your financial goals.

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