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Balance transfer calculator

Lucy Burgess
3 January 2020

We’ve built this handy calculator to show you how much money you could save by swapping to a balance transfer card. Enter the following details into the calculator to see your savings in seconds:

  • Your current credit card balance (or the amount you’d like to transfer)
  • Your current credit card’s APR
  • The 0% balance transfer card offer length (in months)
  • The transfer fee % (if applicable)

The calculator works by assuming you make even payments of the balance to £0 across the balance transfer term. The total amount payable is then compared to your existing card to calculate your savings.

How a balance transfer card could save you money

If you’re paying interest on your current credit card, you could stand to make some easy savings.

A balance transfer card lets you move your existing balance to a new card and pay it off at 0% interest for a set period of time. It’s a no brainer if you want to pay down your debt without wasting money on expensive interest charges.

As well as saving money on interest, a balance transfer card can help you organise your debt into one place, making it more manageable. You’ll only have one monthly payment to worry about - instead of several - which makes it easier to stay on top of your payments.

One thing to be aware of is that some balance transfer cards will charge a fee for transferring your balance. This will be charged as a percentage of the amount you’re moving over - typically between 1% and 3%. Be sure to check that any handling fees you'll have to pay won't cost you more than the amount you'd save by switching to the card.

Ready to make some savings? See your 0% balance transfer cards now.

by Lucy Burgess
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