Do you know your credit score?

Find out your score today and get your credit report every week – for free, forever.

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Introducing the new ClearScore

Do you know your credit score?

Find out your score today and get your credit report every week – for free, forever.

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When we launched in 2015, our promise was simple: to give you your credit score and report for free, forever.

Since we started, we’ve helped more than 14 million of you take control of your finances. We’ve helped you feel clear and confident about your credit choices and understand what affects your credit score.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we want to go further to help you get on in life.

The past 18 months have been extremely uncertain. There’s been uncertainty with rules and restrictions around everything from school to travel, and, of course, finance.

You deserve to feel good about the future, and we’re here to support you as much as we can. That’s why we’re taking ClearScore to the next level. We want to give you more than just your credit score and report, to empower you to make good financial decisions and create the future you want.

At the minute, we measure your score out of 700, but we’re bringing it in line with Equifax’s score out of 1000 to give you a clearer picture of your credit score.

This higher scale offers a more detailed picture of what affects your score and lets us improve the personal insights we give you.

Whether your credit score is soaring high or on the way up, our new score out of 1000 gives you a more detailed breakdown of what affects your credit score. We want you to feel confident you’ve got everything you need to improve or maintain your score, because a better score means better deals.

When you apply for credit, the offer you see isn’t always the offer you get – credit companies only have to give 51% of people that apply. You could be approved for a credit card or loan only to find the amount you can borrow is less than you were shown and the interest rate much higher.

Our Triple Lock guarantee gives you the key to credit confidence.

Triple Lock uses your credit report and linked accounts to guarantee the credit limit and interest rate of credit cards or loans before you apply – we’ll even tell you if you’re pre-approved.

Pre-approval means you’re far more likely to be accepted by the lender. Plus, knowing you’re pre-approved stops you from applying for a product that you might not be accepted for, which can hurt your credit score.

And that’s not all…

Your credit score is important, but it’s not the only thing lenders look at when you apply for credit.

Our new Affordability Score gives you a more detailed picture of how lenders view you.

When they’re deciding whether to give you credit, lenders look at both your credit history, and your income and spending. To make your finances clearer, we’ve launched our Affordability Score, which gives you an idea of how much you might be able to borrow in the future. Look out for more on our new Affordability Score and our other offers in the coming weeks.

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ClearScore has helped over 14 million people take control of their finances and get on in life.

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