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Pre-approved offers

Guaranteed rates

Guaranteed credit limits

Sign up for your free credit score and report. And see your credit card and loan offers, including Triple Lock.


Credit card and loan offers where what you see is what you get

Pre-approved offers

Pre-approved credit card and loan offers mean you can apply with confidence.

Guaranteed rates

There’ll be no surprises. The APR you see is the interest rate you’ll get.

Guaranteed credit limits

You can be sure that you can borrow what you need even before applying.

Falling credit cards
Falling credit cards
Be ClearScore Sure

Finding the right offer is simple on ClearScore

1. Sign up to ClearScore

Join ClearScore for free and log in to your account.

2. See your Triple Lock offers

Check your credit card and loan offers to see your personalised deals. Checking offers never affects your score.

3. Find the right offer for you

With our Triple Lock guarantee, you can apply with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for a credit card or loan with a bad credit score?

Yes. But the lender could offer you a higher interest rate or reject your application. Building your credit history and improving your credit score could help you get a better deal. Try taking out a credit builder card and take some easy steps to improve your score.

Does checking credit card or loan offers harm my credit score?

No. You can compare deals on your Offers page as many times as you like.

How does ClearScore work?

When you sign up with us, you can see your credit report and score for free, forever. We also show you deals from the UK’s top credit card and loan providers. When you take out an offer we get paid by the lender.

Can I get a credit card or loan if I don’t have a credit score?

No. But you can take out a credit builder card to start growing your credit history, as well as taking some steps to improve your score.

Does ClearScore have exclusive offers on credit cards and loans?

Yes. We partner with some of the UK’s biggest lenders like Capital One, Lendable and Admiral to get exclusive deals for you. These have an ‘exclusive’ badge on your Offers page.

Who does ClearScore work with?

We partner with big names across the UK to bring you the best and cheapest deals possible. This includes big names like Capital One, MBNA, Virgin Money, Halifax and Santander.